Peter Doherty – Siberian Fur

The sing talk method that Peter uses in this track is something that I am really fond of and that I love to do with my own music, it gives a song a richer poetic feel as well as becoming more of a story which for me gets me to latch in to the lyrics much more.  Sometimes I can get caught up with just how good the beat of a song sounds.

We also all know Doherty for his media stint with Kate Moss and the big drug incident but sometimes these are the things that also draws me to an artist to see how they can take their gritty lifestyle and bring it out so romantically and beautifully in music.

Siberian Fur was originally written by Peter Doherty’s friend Peter Wolfe, also known as WOLFEMAN is a consistent collaborator with Doherty.  Doherty’s voice was the perfect swagger for this Jazzy/ funky track, alone with the beautiful folk guitar, and accordion, you get a bit swept away by the not so overpowering brush of romance in the feel of this one.

Happy Jul 1st everyone, Summer is really flying by, enjoy!

Peter Doherty – Siberian Fur