Al Green – Simply Beautiful (King Most Redirection)

Let’s get some soul in you today.  San Francisco DJ King Most has picked up Al Green‘s 1972 tune and put it on wheels. Simply Beautiful is from the album I’m Still in Love With You.   This track moves along at a comfortably mid-tempo pace.  The style of this edit is heavily influenced by King Most‘s taste, which ranges from soul to R&B to old-school hip hop.

As time goes by, I’m starting to see as well as participate in a different kind of beauty in this city.  While San Francisco has its undeniable antiquated elements to ogle at, like the gorgeous Victorian facades and the Golden Gate Bridge to, the thing that makes this city so beautiful is its passionate people.  Pure and simple, SF residents with strong desires are what make this city so appealing.

Another part of the city that makes it enormously appealing are the cultural events, which are driven by one person or a group of people who put all of themselves in to evolving the community creatively as well as aesthetically.  As a resident there are so many options to learn so many different things about a myriad of subjects, whether its woodwork, literature, classic films, bicycle mechanics, or even wine- or beer-making.

When you care, you’re beautiful.”

Get down on this smooth re-edit and fall in love with your passions all over again.

Al Green – Simply Beautiful (King Most Redirection)