SMLE – Counting Down (Feat. Ella Poletti)

SMLE know how to put a massive smile on your face and they do just that on this Friday morning. Their newest is called “Counting Down” and it’s a glitzy, glistening synthesis of everything attractive in electro-pop. There’s playful synths and keys, dramatic percussion, and an overarching celebratory groove that functions like a rush of serotonin and dopamine straight to the brain. Ella Poletti’s vocals are the icing on the cake as there’s such a sweet inflection of melodic qualities to her performance that stick in your brain and hang around long after the song’s runtime has run its course. I’m personally counting the amount of times I can play this track in a row because it’s been going all morning and I see no end in sight!

I was recently thinking about how as a kid I used to count down and how it made time move so slow. Counting down til class was over, counting down til spring break, counting down til my birthday…there was always this preoccupation with what came next and an inherent dissatisfaction with the present moment. I didn’t want to be here, I wanted to be there. These days I find myself comfortably existing in the present moment, never concerned about the next minute or hour or day. I’m at peace with my surroundings at this very second, and funnily enough, time moves a lot faster. It’s already March and it feels like this year is flying by.

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