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Son Lux ft. Lorde – Easy (Switch Screens)

Deep baritone sax, unpredictable electric guitar, and a sultry, eerie voice combine to create a rich balance between Son Lux’s instrumentals and Lorde’s intermittent vocals. Although repetitive, the lyrics speak a simple message of idealized thought versus reality of human nature. If only it were so easy to inhibit the aftershock of heartbreak. How simple it is on paper, to overcome ill emotions. Easy, right? Just get rid of the pain. […]

Son Lux – Easy

I fear I am suffering from life vertigo. Life vertigo being a state where I cannot stand up straight. I cannot get my balance. I feel the sides of my head weighing heavy like an uneven vessel and the cargo is getting tossed back and forth. Not too sure where to come up, but the […]