Adventure Club – Breathe (ARMNHMR Remix)

I covered ARMNHMR’s remix of “AKIRA” earlier this year, so I’m thrilled to have yet another flip from the Los Angeles based duo to digest. While their take on “AKIRA” was composed of a darker sonic palate, this rework of Adventure Club’s “Breathe” is overflowing with sublime vibes that resonate through each kick of bass and its complimentary synths that reach sky-high.

Beyond the track itself, I’m especially fascinated by its accompanying artwork. I consider visual components to be just as important to music as its sound itself, and in this case, ARMNHMR’s reinterpretation of the original “Breathe” cover makes the remix even more impactful as a whole. The colossal, intergalactic content of the cover combined with its gorgeous purple-and-green dominant color scheme is awe-inspiring and overwhelming while simultaneously human and personal due to the two people looking upon the planetary fusion at the artwork’s bottom. As an absolute Mass Effect fanboy, I get vibes similar to that series’ humanity-and-space explorations alongside a hint of Interstellar.

Regardless of how it relates to my sci-fi fandom, though, ARMNHMR’s remix of “Breathe” uses its sights and sounds to imaginatively come to life with each and every listen.

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