Saukrates – Mysterium (ft. SonReal)

It’s not often that the old school and new school collide with cohesion these days, but Saukrates has always had an ear for what’s hot. SonReal has way more in common with traditional hip-hop than the Soundcloud rap sphere, sure, but it’s impressive how a rising star goes bar for bar with a living legend. The entirety of the track is breeze filled with lyrical gymnastics that flow with the fluidity of a world class acrobat, not to mention silky smooth sung vocals from both rappers.

I also have to give big ups to Soxx for putting on so hard for the new school. There’s so many formerly cherished rappers on the outside looking in because they’ve refused to keep up with the kids or outright denounced them, claiming the style of hip-hop they were pushing decades ago is superior to what’s being made right now. Over the years, Soxx has let his sound gently evolve without sacrificing the core style of his own music, maintaining a high level of quality by simply doing his thing. It goes to show that you can stick with your sound while simultaneously championing artists like SonReal who are prepared to be handed the torch. I can’t wait to hear how Soxx blends the past, present, and future on his upcoming album.