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Souls of Mischief – 93 Till Infinity (Remix)


The week has begun. Two days down, too many to go. The commute was hell, rubberneckers held up traffic and a baby cried on the train. Finally home.

You’re just trying to chill.

Here in Southern California, we don’t just say chill, we live it. We kick back by the pool in the middle of February, because its 80 degrees out yo! We do yoga literally every day. We drink wheat grass smoothies. And we occasionally smoke that bomb bud, though I personally gave that aspect up some time ago.

Though NorCal may shit on us, we embrace them as our brothers and sisters. Got beef? Chill. See, NorCal wasn’t always jacked up on tech wealth an insecurity. There was a time, back in, oh, ’93, when all of Cali chilled as one.

I was but a babe then, so don’t take it from me. Souls of Mischief were chillin in the bay, and spreading the gospel from coast to coast. “’93 Til Infinity,” the group’s all-time rap classic, has but one message: “This is how we chill, from ’93 til”

Til the sun consumes itself and swallows the earth. Til the universe collapses. Til infinity.

This remix came to me unlabled, and no amount of Shazamming has turned up any info about it. All I can say is that Souls over a liquid beat is so chill its frozen. And not like Adele Nazim frozen. I’m talking glazed in ice crystals frozen, diamonds dripping from the chain, that real Arctic shit. Hop in the ride with A-Plus, Phesto, Tajai and the best of the bunch, Opio, and take this Sunday slow and easy with a fresh beat and an eternal, five letter message.

Souls of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity (Remix)