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Thoreau – Afraid

“Afraid of never having friends I can trust.”

This track entered my inbox at the perfect time.  I am doing a shit ton of purging lately.  Mostly with friends because I am SINGLE AF, so I don’t have a love interest making my life difficult!  I just don’t have time for the negativity anymore, nor have I ever and I am at a stage in my life where it’s just not cool to be raging every week, picking arguments and acting childish.  I want nothing more than the utmost respect and anything less is out the door.  At a certain point you have to grow up and if your friends, or just any relationship you have in general isn’t following that lead or you are falling off the pages with them, it’s time to move on.  There are plenty of fish in the sea whether it’s with love or friendships, don’t waste your time.  I think we hang on to negative relationships in fear of being alone, as humans whether you want to admit it or not being alone is scary, but you have to be able to understand what being alone is in order to truly conquer your fears.  You can only trust yourself at the end of the day, trusting yourself makes it harder to be afraid of the decisions you make.

I am really diggin’ this track for the chill vibe, talking about a deep message that has meaning for all of us.  I like that, chill, yet deep.  It’s much easier to connect to a deeper message when it’s being delivered with a chill attitude.  Good stuff!  If your week didn’t start off too hot, I believe this will get you on the right track.  Own your life and your decisions and remember you deserve all the best so purge the assholes and move on!


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Cardiknox – Bad Boys

“Why do I fall for the bad boys, maybe I’m not such a good girl.”

This song speaks to me.  I mean literally it’s telling my story in terms of my dating life.  It’s actually kind of a depressing subject , maybe more dark comedy, but this track really gives the subject a happy feeling.  I cannot stop listening because the lyrics just ring me in to very recent situations.  I am not really sure why I go for the bad boys.  It’s a question I ask myself all of the time because I am not a bad girl, in all honesty not to toot my own horn but you would think I would be the type of girl most men would want, well nice men.  The bad ones don’t care about loyalty, honesty, and pure love.  I dated nice guys before but always got bored with them, isn’t there a happy medium, like a bad boy with nice tendencies? Who knows, I am probably asking too much, but for some reason I do keep going back to these bad boys, these narcissictic assholes who charm me like crazy in the beginning and then fizzle into their true self ones they see the love in my eyes.  I am sure a therapist would tell me I have daddy problems or something way to obvious along those lines.  I think I just like the adrenaline rush, these bad boys sure do keep me on my toes!

I am really digging the vibe of this track and whether you are in the most amazing relationship (I hate you..just kidding), or like me and still longing for that sexy bad boy…or girl, this one’s for you friend! xx




Music Writing

Parker – Spark EP

I really dig the surprise in the track, you will hear it around 46 seconds and what you think is going to happen doesn’t.  When I first took a listen I assumed this was the moment the big techno beat was going to come in for probably a solid 30 seconds but much to my surprise it was more of a beat drop, some cool effects and a really dope/chill rhythm that I could really vibe too without feeling too hyper.  Well done, I love a good surprise.

Everything that “sparks” the world today has been a surprise.  At this point we should all expect the unexpected.  I am glad that music is still keeping me on my toes with tracks such as this one but in terms of the world, nothing surprises me anymore, in fact the bigger the situation the less surprised I am.  Shock factor is what the world is all about right now, turning us all into robots that are unfazed.  Sad, but I think there is still so much to look forward too if we can look beyond the drama.

Really enjoyed receiving this track in my inbox, I hope gives your Monday the start to the week that you have been looking for, that element of surprise that you might need in your day, enjoy! xx



Music Writing

Darci – Seeing Colors

Darci delivers, no disappointments, thanks Darci!  I always look forward to a Darci track, this one sways a bit different then some of the rest but it immediately had my body moving as I sat at my computer opening music submissions. It’s indie pop, but I am definitely feeling an R&B vibe as well, it’s mixed in so well that you may not notice upon first listen but listen again and you will see what I am saying, FIRE!

I am seeing colors more and more these days.  Obviously in NYC you see colors all around in terms of everything, the people, the lights, the buildings, etc. etc.  But I am talking about colors in the sense of the world just becoming more vibrant for me, more exciting, not dull at all, it’s been a sensory overload since I got back to NY with my daughter and I am embracing it as I find that fucking rainbow with all it’s colors and that damn pot of gold, I am gonna get it I swear, just watch me.  I am staring straight at it and I am not breaking my stare.

It’s crazy that Summer is more than half way over, sorry for reminding you all, not going to lie Fall is my favorite season but this track has me thinking back to beginning of Summer and I’m driving through the memories like a speed racer to where I am right now.  Really feeling this track, I know you will too, so press play and enjoy the weekend!

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Art Music Writing

Transviolet – The Hamptons

This track is very fitting for my Summer thus far.  Yes, I have spent almost every weekend in the Hamptons, BUT I am not doing all the typical Hampton activities, honestly it’s a nice convenient get away that costs me nothing, but the gas I have to put into my car.  When you live in NY sometimes you just need to recharge the battery and that can mean just driving an hour upstate, to get that fresh breeze from the ocean and get a slight change in scenery.  If you are a true New Yorker after about two to three days in the country you are missing the concrete jungle.  I am attempting to get my mind in a place where it wants to start dating again, I am a true believer that are entire selfs have more than one mind, we think with different parts of ourselves.  So a part of me is like, girl get your cute ass out there and start dating, then another part of me is like I don’t need the stress of it and I don’t have time, so which part of me is going to win, there are bets being placed so jump right in if you like a good bet, HA!  Tall, dark and handsome (and smart), where are you!? Maybe you are in the Hamptons but honestly I doubt it, I am sure I will stumble across you when I least expect it so in the meantime I am dreaming about you while the Hampton beach breezes lull me to sleep.

I am really digging the vibe and the non-apologetic generosity of images, in the lyrics of this track, so press play and enjoy!

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DJ Music Remixes Writing

Thoreau – Bronze Whale x Popeska – Imagine Ft. Tom Aspaul (Thoreau Remix)

This song reminds me of being about 19 or 20 years old and partying at the Rockstar mansion in Los Angeles. My days of clubbing and partying like that are way over, unless of course someone invites me on a special Vegas trip or something similar then I might just have to say YES!  I like to live a life of YES but I think as you grow up a world of saying YES to everything can get pretty complicated.  So now a days I like to “imagine” what it might be like to say yes to everything, do everything sexy smile that comes my way, to every party invite, every adventure.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!

I have to actually remind myself that I need to spend less time imagining and more time doing, doing all of the things my little heart desires.  I don’t believe that there should be anything in this world that holds you back but I think sometimes we all get stuck in the moments of our “priorities.”  I put the word priorities in quotes because sometimes we really just need to rearrange about every few weeks or so before we get so stuck in a routine that our imaginations get lost in the consistencies of life, and that’s no fun!

I am going to put this one on repeat and start living in my imaginations and making them reality, enjoy!

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Music Remixes Writing

PHANTOGRAM – You Don’t Get Me High Anymore (A-Trak Remix) [feat. Joey Purp]

I’ve been a running around a chicken with their head cut off since I have been back in NYC, I mean that’s the NYC lifestyle so I didn’t expect anything less or any relaxation once I got here.  It’s been amazing to be back, back on the grind, back blazin’ trails with aggressive hardworking artists such as myself.  That’s why I love it here, people don’t stop whether they are working or playing, they just don’t stop, “sleep when you are dead”, I love that and you will probably hear me say it a lot because once you become an adult with conviction it should be a saying that you live by… And die by!

You don’t get me high anymore.”

I am relating to this a lot in terms of the things that have changed in my life.  I was only away from NYC for 7 months, but being away for that amount of time I think I was able to look at NYC from a different perspective, decide who I really wanted in my life when I got back, who was there for me, who wasn’t.  Things change a lot when you have kids, it’s an eye opener in terms of the way your friends react towards you, how your lifestyle has to change a bit.  Don’t get me wrong I love the way my life has changed, I love all of the challenges and learning experiences but it is definitely crazy how your whole world can flip and you are rearranging EVERYTHING!  Certain things, certain people, they just don’t get me high anymore…

I needed a good feel good Summer track to get me ready for the weekend in the Hamptons, this one got me in the mood so press play and maybe I will see some of you out there! xx

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Classics Music Writing

Essex – Notice

80’s synths got my mind like, YES PLEASE!  Hello Summer, where are you?  I see you in the distance but I need to feel you on my skin so hurry up please.

Las Vegas duo from New York City, Essex, has been making waves since their debut release of ‘Roads’ which received high praises from the likes of Magnetic Magazine, NestHQ, Tune Collective and more. Composed of Tyler Sherritt and Phil Goodman the duo showcases their unique style of 80’s synth pop with hints of singer/songwriter elements along with bass pop. Equipped with the necessary roots in live vocals and instrumentations, expect to hear organic, ethereal, real music coming from these two.”

I like hearing a musical group that goes in a nostalgic direction.  I like to reminisce on my days of total innocence and lesser expectations of the world.  So much on my plate these days that I finally understand the statement “You’ll sleep when your dead.”  Ain’t that the truth, definitely should have appreciated the days when I was able to sleep till 3 in the afternoon.  No use in looking backwards except to remember the sounds that we love so much that gave us our initial love for music.  Thanks Essex for the reminder of where my love for music came from.

Press play and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Art Music Video Writing

EMPT Exclusive New Artist: MVDNESS XIV

Finally leaking the goods on this hot new artist MVDNESS XIV, if you are loving this check out one of her other hot tracks #1 on Soundcloud.

We aren’t going to say too much about this badass bitch who has been keeping herself under the radar, but we will tell you that there is going to be more, so don’t fret!

Music Video Writing

EMPT Classic: Kanye West – Welcome To Heartbreak ft. Kid Cudi

We posted this track a while back, like way back, normally we would post the original and write something above it, but we are in the future now and I am doing things a little differently with this  EMPT Classic because I really dig the video which we never featured.  The title of the original post was “Say Goodbye to Hollywood.”  Funny enough I am in Los Angeles for a day and a night with my Little Bear and all I want to do is say goodbye.  Don’t get me wrong I am not hating on LA, but this place has too many memories that are still so fresh in my brain that bring me right back every time I am here and I don’t want to think about those memories.  LA and the memories are like a wound that has healed but now I am waiting for the scar to go away too, and as we know, scars don’t always heal.

Thankfully I am staying on the beach in Malibu and I don’t have to be in the heart of Hollywood where most of the ghosts of memories past still lurk.  It’s a beautiful view where I am at and the ocean is right in my ears so I need to go soak it all in before I have to jet in the morning.  Press play on this oldie but goodie.