Space Age Thoughts

We’re not going into the space age, we’re in the space age.

Why memorize things when you look up it in book?” – Einstein

Almost every job in existence can already be done by a robot, better than a human. We are in this point in civilization that many things we were used to doing with our minds and body are completely useless in comparison when a computer does it. Why not utilize that? Extend your abilities to be part of that computer. Make it do what you need it to do, not use it, become it.

The name of the game now is to become the architect, be one with the tool. A small percentage of us have evolved into demigods by learning how to create through machines. The age of man laboring is far behind us, don’t let the present fool you. Our time is better spent learning more to do less so we can use our valuable time on earth seeking higher truths. Learn how to code as soon as possible.

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