As Animals – I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters) [Star Slinger Remix]


Wowowow. What a weekend. As many people are forgetting their resolutions of last month, I have decided to make some. The first and foremost being to stop working after hours and on weekends. Clearly, wanting to write about music is what I would love to spend my days doing, but I “moonlight” from 7:30am-10:30pm at an advertising agency. One thing you hear often in this line of work, is if you don’t show up on Saturday, don’t bother coming in on Monday. Blinded by the sexy suits (thanks for nothing Mad Men) and plagued with the ability to sell sunshine to Florida, I know this is my wheelhouse.

But my new resolution is one I plan to keep. This weekend I went to a bingo night at a club. It is exactly what you think it is, a night club that takes 10 minutes out of the dancing and boozing to play bingo, which is run by lingerie clad ball turners. Followed by more dancing, lounging, a very cold sit on the beach. And that was just 4 hours of what used to be a very work-riddled Saturday night. Sometimes you need to take a moment and live in it. You plan and work and make lists, and sleep, and eat, and shower, and then do it all over again. I got caught in it too.

So, if you are still wondering what you should do this year to make it better (or hey, plan ahead for Lent, whatever you’re in to) then do this with me. Take a break.

And then listen to this tune. Star Slinger, killing it this past year with a many a tune to listen to, is a producer from Manchester, England. He always seems to be able to integrate a strong percussion to each of his remixed songs. Adding in a fresh synth and a tone gives this track the energy you need to do nothing you need to do and everything you don’t.

Enjoy the time we got.

As Animals – I See Ghost (Ghost Gunfighters) [Star Slinger Remix]


EMPT Presents: Le Miel du Mois Novembre 2013

I just watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World while working on the November edition of LMDM and it really made me think about how we live our lives like we’re not going to die one day. If your days were numbered, which they actually are, would you have the same fears, what would you cherish and value, would you lose your inhibitions, your safety nets, would your culture matter, would you try all the things you keep thinking about, what would you do? It’s fascinating how the idea of living free sounds so radical but that’s what the social engineering does, it makes you stop when you should go. It makes people who speak out against the programming sound like they’ve lost their minds, are immature and don’t have a grasp on reality…

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – Orwell

It makes fear comforting and fearlessness rebellion when it’s actually human nature. My life is challenging right now, not for any imaginary matrix created problem but because I’m trying to regain power over my creative nature and lose the programming that I’ve come to realize is trying to guide my actions…

Dear God, I wonder can you save me? Illuminati want my mind soul and my body.” – Jay-Z

Thank the moon and the stars for music man because sometimes art is the only place I can go to find truth. I say sometimes because there’s also a deliberate dumbing down of art and culture for the purpose of blurring the lines between trash and high quality but that’s another subject on its own. But that’s why in the age of excess the true currency is taste, selectiveness and honest sources. That my friends is why LMDM resonates. It’s not a tape that’s trying to accomplish a marketing goal, Steph isn’t trying to convince you of anything, we’re not trying to sell a damn thing…

Now before I finish, let me just say
I did not come here to show out, did not come here to impress you
Because to tell you the truth when I leave here I’m GONE!
And I don’t care what you think about me – but just remember
When it hits the fan brother, whether it’s next year, ten years
Twenty years from now, you’ll never be able to say
That these brothers lied to you JACK!”

At the end of the day EMPT & LMDM isn’t what we do, it’s what we love and I hope that we can continue to offer that distinction with absolutely no compromise. Long time LMDM listeners know the first song always makes a statement and Wolf Alice’s Blush is what got this whole post in motion –

Don’t chicken out it’s all good, you’re allowed to be what you could…”

That ethereal vibe, emotion and beauty is carried out throughout the entirety of Novembre 2013 which twist and turns from acoustic to electronic in the most interesting and futuristic way only Steph can pull off. You can really lock into this duality in the middle with the Romare track which is just incredible. Yet another work of art to add to this amazing collection. I know I’m all over the place today but that’s where my life is right now, I can’t see the limits of my own thinking and I don’t want to, I just want to express it and I don’t want to wait. Steph’s tapes always give me a platform because they’re so full of life and awesomeness, press play & enjoy.

Every LMDM is created from memories and experiences, so it should come across and feel like its an ongoing story… the last song to me always feels like it could be the first..because like all of our world’s – its about that ongoing, ever-changing, up and down, but above all, amazing, path …”



Wolf Alice – Blush
H-Town – They Like It Slow (Star Slinger Refix)
Tanlines – Not the Same
Prince Innocence – Golden Hour
Wise Blood – Spider Web
Jake Bugg – Simple As This
Romare – Down the Line (It Takes A Number)
Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me
The Babe Rainbow – Love Forever
Matthew Lee Cothran – No Way Out
Blood Orange – Chamakay
The Growlers – One Million Lovers
Coma Cinema – White Trash VHS

Star Slinger – Free


This is arguably one of my favorite weekend’s of the year. It being the weekend we celebrate Halloween in the States. When you get to see a slutty bumble bee make out with a Blue’s Brother or find yourself dancing with a strapping gentleman who is dressed as a half Batman / half regular guy sort of costume (Yeah, we get it. You don’t care but had to do something). It is a magical time where you get to pick some random thing to be for a day. I love it. This year, I have collected the essentials to pull off being Margot Tenenbaum. Mainly, so I can wear a blond wig and chain smoke without questions. Isn’t that the point of a good costume though? A free pass to be what you want for a night? This is excluding the sexy bumble bee or cat people. Unless you are in to that and also cat’s are sort of slutty in real life so not too far fetched I suppose. I digress.

Being able to do something different and be something else is just a treat though. A night off of you.

On that note, this new track from Star Slinger definitely embodies a different style and sound from his previous releases. Free, which will appear on his debut LP with a tentative release of early 2014, is a track which transcends his previous work. Star Slinger, or Darren Williams, brings us this track which highlights his ability to mix genre’s of music and creating catchy dance hall numbers with a heavy bass, playful sax riffs, and pitched vocals to make you move.

Be sure to add this one to the list for the weekend as it is sure to knock the hot pants off your date in no time.

Star Slinger – Free

Music Remixes

Ellie Goulding – Don’t Say A Word (Star Slinger Remix)

I’m sitting in my kitchen and my roommate is making crepes. She’s playing blues music off her computer and I’ve got headphones in listening to this. Am I the epitome of a technology addicted music blogger? I don’t know. I hope not. I’m really into the song though. The scene that’s happening in my kitchen is mildly hilarious because of how relaxed the outside world is and how my ears are living in a raging night club from the ’90s. Am I wrong to say that perhaps this song does take something from the ’90s? I think it’s mainly the beat, quick and skippy.

I intended to finish this post earlier in the day, but alas, my internet was down. Instead of sitting around the apartment waiting for it to come back again, I went on a bike ride to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and chilled with the cherry blossoms. We get really caught up in technology, myself included, and it’s nice to remember that there are much realer things going on in the world. That’s not to say that the Internet is not wonderful, because if it didn’t exist, how would you get your music from us? I’m saying that taking what you can get from the Internet is a beautiful thing, and then using it to fuel your outside world that interacts with everything else, is even better! Maybe I’m saying that you should take this song with you on your next adventure, let it inspire spontaneity.

Ellie Goulding – Don’t Say A Word (Star Slinger Remix)

Music Remixes

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Star Slinger Via London Refix)

Until last Thursday night, it had been about 9 months since I staged a public DJ session.  The purpose of the event was the reopening of a restaurant near Fisherman’s Wharf.  It was also invite only, extended to hospitality and service industry employees alike.

About an hour into my set, which was composed of melodic, groovy nu-disco/electronic/chillwave selects, I made a transition to Average White Band and Motown.  Aha! I had  hit a nerve.  The people started moving.  Someone from the crowd (which was older than I had expected)  approached the DJ table, and I knew before they spoke what they wanted.  A request.  I thought “Oh no, Miss, please don’t kill my vibe.” But the request ended up moving my set forward: MFSB‘s upbeat Do It Any Way You Wanna.

In today’s track, Compton-raised hip hop prodigy Kendrick Lamar enforces the pleasure of solitary grooving, when it’s just you, your drANK and the music.  I related to this during my set, as I was sipping on complimentary white wine and grooving on music that I had personally selected.  But the MFSB woman had humbled me.  She reminded me that some times as a DJ (most times if you play corporate gigs and weddings), the occasion calls for you to respond to the crowd of the moment, not the crowd of  your fantasy.

If the original Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe is a smooth brush-off, Star Slinger‘s booty house remix makes the titular phrase a proclamation of indulgence.  That’s because this remix is padded with salacious club-banger-esque kick drums and high hats, transforming Lamar’s original locked-in-a-dorm-room mood into painting the town maddeningly red, solo.  Lamar may have intended a simple lamentation, but Star Slinger turns the song into an unapologetic, celebratory repentance.

Both versions of Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe are great, and I could see myself dropping either in a set.  But don’t expect me to play the Lady Gaga version, in which Gaga does exactly the opposite of what the title suggests.

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe (Star Slinger Via London Refix)


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Decembre 2011

I’ve never been a big fan of looking back, sure it’s comforting to reminisce about the good old times…

Hey you know everybody’s talking about the “good old days”
Everybody! The good old days
Well, let’s talk about the good old days…” – Gladys Knight

But in my mind the past does more harm than good. If you think about the past so much you’re going to constantly be ignoring what’s happening to you right now. The past is good for one thing and one thing only – educating yourself, learning from your mistakes and those of others, otherwise it should be avoided like the plauge. Your current situation is a result of your past thinking and thus your future situation will be a result of your thinking right now! However, if you keep thinking the same sh*&tty thoughts because you can’t stop thinking about the past you’re going end up with the same result. It will happen over and over and again and you’ll just be wondering why but the past is why…

Life is like a treadmill ni*#@s running in place, 
Getting no where fast, a whole year done passed…” – Jay-Z (It’s Like That)

Like I said, the value of the past is education, it’s the only way to break the pattern. Otherwise it already happened and if you really think about it, it doesn’t even exists anymore, it’s literally just in your head. My conductor, the late great Walter J. Turnbull always told us – “you’re only as good as your last show.” That always stuck and it means more to me now than ever. Think about your job, say you’ve put in years of service but if you start screwing up today it’s good bye. If you’re in a relationship, those first months or years we’re wonderful but if you stop showing love, caring to impress, to improve and always keeps things fresh things are bound to go sour…

You’re only as good as your last show” – Walter. J. Turnbull

So what does all of this have to do with LMDM? Well, if you’ve been following LMDM these years you’ll know that this ruthless forward thinking mentality is at the very nature of Steph’s mix tape series and listening to this special version inspired all these thoughts. For those unfamiliar with the series this is a great way to get to know it, here’s why

Instead of a “best of” 2011 artist and songs mix,  our end of the year mix is a compilation of the best of LMDM’s of 2011. I tried to chose one track from each month, of the past 11 LMDMs but that was tough and turned into two select tracks per month, because lets face it, 22 tracks is better than 11 and I wanted this holiday tape to be a BIG one. Every LMDM I listen back on reminds me of what I did that month and the little moments that made the month, and piled on, that made the year. …Here’s to Hec and EMPT moving to LA and to a bigger better faster stronger 2012.

That said, here’s to the future, enjoy.

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Dark Colour  – Don’t Let It Stop (Avril 2011)
  2. Of Oceans – In Love, Not Limbo (Janvier 2011)
  3. Gold Panda – You (Janvier 2011)
  4. Vadoinmessico – In Spain (Fevrier 2011)
  5. Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal (Fevrier 2011)
  6. The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix) (Mars 2011)
  7. Ravens and Chimes – Division Street (Mars 2011)
  8. Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning (Avril 2011)
  9. Siriusmo – Idiologie (Mai 2011)
  10. Pepeiano – Flesh Rails (Mai 2011)
  11. Hurricane Bells – The Waiting Song (Juin 2011)
  12. Body Language – Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix) (Juin 2011)
  13. Chrome Sparks – Show You My Way (Juillet 2011)
  14. Jonathan Johansson – Blommorna (Niva Remix)  (Juillet 2011)
  15. Neon Indian – Polish Girl (Aout 2011)
  16. Santogold – You’ll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix) (Aout 2011)
  17. M83 – Midnight City (Septembre/Octobre 2011)
  18. Gauntlet Hair – Top Bunk (Septembre /Octobre 2011)
  19. Brenton – Kensington System (Septembre/Octobre 2011)
  20. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language ft. Jess (Personal Touch Remix)
  21. Blood Orange – Sutphin Boulevard (Novembre 2011)
  22. Fall in the River – Badly Drawn Boy (Novembre 2011)

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EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 3 c by Ryan Radler

Today is a bittersweet story as it is with both sadness and joy that I present to you the 2011 conclusion to Ryan Radlers wonderful mixtape series, anti-winter 3 c. Week after week Ryan has given summer luxurious and comprehensive soundtrack setting a unique vibe for all our estival activities – Dear anti-winter, we’ll miss you.

When I use to perform classical music under the tutelage of the the late great Dr. Walter Turnbull we learned that clapping in between movements or grand pauses is inappropriate. That always fascinated me because Dr. T was an incredible teacher and got us sing classics like Cantata 191 with mind blowing passion, I’ve personally never connected with music more then when I use to sing under him, and I’ve definitely never heard classical music sound anywhere close to that good. When we would finish the audience would instantly forget the etiquette and start clapping before they realized what they were doing. The point is that getting into clap mode takes you away from the piece and the experience the composer was trying to create. In the age of skip everything and immediate satisfaction music is rarely given the time to develop and seduce and I think we’re deprived because of it.

Anyways, though they have little in common, Ryans work made me think of those performances because his tapes have the same beautiful structure and movement. I highly recommend just pressing play and allow yourself to be entertained. Sure you could skip around but it’s just sooo much better to sit back and let it breath, develop, settle, build back up and take you on a journey. Anti-winter 3C is yet another fantastic effort and we’re delighted to bring it to you, enjoy.

SUMMER: a n t i – w i n t e r 3 c

2. Apollo Throwdown – THE GO TEAM (STAR SLINGER REMIX)
3. Too Much to Lose – SUN GLITTERS (NIVA REMIX)
5. Was It Really Love – MARTIN DENNY
6. What Part Of Forever – CEE LO GREEN
8. The Moon’s Hand – NIGHT SHINING
10. Mr. Quiche – WILDCAT! WILDCAT!
11. Corduroy Swells – TEEEL (DATASSETTE REMIX)
12. Gopher It – MOON BOOTS
13. Come Together – PNAU
16. Beachball – R.E.M.

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 3 c by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous

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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Avril 2011

I got an email from one of our readers telling me about a site that flat out ripped off the entire EMPT style, I mean we’re talking a straight bite here. I have no problem with people borrowing from us but completely stealing our names, concepts and vibe doesn’t make any sense to me. EMPT is a complete reflection of me and my friends and I won’t sit here and watch people pose as us –

You gotta see what I’ve seen, look where I’ve looked
Touch what I’ve reached, and take what I’ve took
You gotta go where I’ve gone, walked where I’ve walked
To get where I’m at to speak what I talk… – Beanie Sigel (The Truth)

I won’t say much about this but be yourself dude, think of your own ideas – if you want to use our stuff ask us and we’ll collaborate but don’t flat out steal, we love you but that’s just corny. We put a lot of heart into EMPT and that’s something you can’t duplicate. Take the time to do the same thing and it will get your site a lot further because in the end –

Biters can’t come near…” – Nas (Halftime, Illmatic)

Anyways, I’m a little taken by this so I’ll let Steph introduce yet another wonderful installment and my favorite mixtape in the entire world –

I’ve been lucky to have traveled a bit lately and had a lot of time to walk and just think and listen to both new and old. There’s a lot of electro-inspired tracks in this mix, but on the slower side of things- tracks I’ve listened to in my recent trips to Paris and London, walking alongside the grey skies and dim-colored collages. This isn’t a fast mix, it’s a much slower ride, getting ready for spring. It’s not quite here yet, but its coming…”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning
  2. Baths – Aminals
  3. Ellie Goulding  –  Lights (Shook Remix)
  4. Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop
  5. Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)
  6. Metronomy- A Thing for Me (Breakbot remix)
  7. Grandchildren- Cold Warrior
  8. White Hinterland- Icarus
  9. Elden Calder- Where You Go
  10. The Heavenly States  –  Model Son
  11. Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills
  12. Cults  –  You Know What I Mean
  13. Holy Other – We Over (Physical Therapy Extended Remix)
  14. Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)
  15. Isbells  –  Reunite
  16. Conner Youngblood – A Summer Song
  17. Lawrence Arabia – Look Like A Fool

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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Aout

Harder Better Faster Stronger is something me and Hec can relate to now more than ever – everything is just getting bigger and better. EMPT and LMDM are committed to finding the best beats and artists and bringing them to our readers and I couldn’t be happier or more proud to be apart of it. This month’s Le Miel du Mois is fast fun that I hope will rock your tape til it pops. Enjoy the last month of summer. Make it count. – Steph

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


1.    Big Boi – Feel Me (Intro)
2.    Juiceboxxx – 100MPH (AC Slater Remix)
3.    Star Slinger – Mornin
4.    Big Boi – Daddy Fat Sax
5.    Fiveng – Jonah (Star Slinger Remix)
6.    Pictureplane – Double Sets Of Lungs Now
7.    The Hoof and the Heel – Fireworks
8.    Ocelot – Beating Hearts (Louis Laroche Remix)
9.    Error Love – Nightlife Souveniers
10.   Star Slinger – Minted
11.   Bronze – Horses


Star Slinger – Dutchie Courage

Sometimes I like songs that sound like your CD is skipping or there’s something f***ed up with your ipod.  Star Slinger‘s remixes and originals are certainly not all like that but as soon as I heard his stuff I got really really wide-eyed jump-up-and-down excited.

Star Slinger is instrumental hip hop goodness, Manchester based Producer Darren, and  samples everything from child-fronted reggae to 80’s rock. His debut 11 track album is out now for free at

I usually recommend a few tracks to listen to if you’re first discovering an artist but not with this one, no, no go crazy. I love all of them. Here’s one of his remixes called Dutchie Courage, you should be familiar with the original:

Star Slinger – Dutchie Courage

Here’s the first track off of that album, called Mornin:

Star Slinger – Mornin’

And here’s Extra Time:

Star Slinger – Extra Time

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