EMPT Classics: Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Classixx Remix)

You know how we said we were going to bring back the EMPT classics?…..Well we weren’t BS-ing, and we are going to keep this going so keep those eyes and ears open. When searching through the archives I didn’t have to search for more then 60 seconds when I stumbled upon Shiny Toy Guns.  Perfection for a Saturday and for the beginning of the month,” Starts With One,” and isn’t that the damn truth….Re-Enjoy!


Is it me or are we all going through some sort or another of a transitional period? Weather it be global warming, a change in career, or a personal epiphany, I keep meeting people that feel that things as we know them are transcending the norm.

Times are a changin’. ” – Bob Dylan

Well, I’m part of the gang that believes it’s for the better.

I think most of us in the EMPT family would agree to religiously relying on some sound boost to keep our chests popped. Well, this song just set my ass alight. Songs like this one rekindle my faith in the world, people and more importantly, myself. More than rekindling, this song gets me back in ‘Let’s F#$%ckin DO This Sh!t’ mode. Specially during these days I’ve spent with Hec in the city, a tune like this one fits like a bling ring on a finger,

It starts with one … now there’s two… Let’s show them the only way, let’s show them our hearts. Let’s show them the only way, let’s sew up their hearts.”

Any EMPT reader that’s spent more than a month with us is now more than familiar with Classixx and their heart thumping remixes. So here’s another one to set you on superman/superwoman/superpoodle mode. Enjoy

Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Classixx Remix)

Originally posted on December 23rd, 2009