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Yahtzel – Someone Else ft. Savoi (StéLouse Remix)

StéLouse is a name that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time in the electronic scene. He’s a super versatile producer that always releases material that hits me on a level beyond surface level enjoyment. His new remix of Yahtzel’s “Someone Else” is no different. Savoi’s gorgeous vocals still remain but he accelerates […]

StéLouse – Bones Feat. Tilian (Flapo Remix)

I’ll never forget the first time I saw Dance Gavin Dance – I was never into them during the peak of my scene kid phase, so I missed the glory days of the Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis eras, but I caught them on their first tour with Tilian Pearson. I had seen hundreds of […]

StéLouse – Shivers n Gold (w/ Mascolo)

all the time I wait while you don’t know me but you talk of how you’re lonely I wait for it to pass oh why walking blind these nights are going slowly I wait but you won’t show me past your sheets of gold oh why I’m betting on your grace darlin’ help I’m crawling […]