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Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place (Cover)

It’s currently Saturday, but aside from unpaid athletes on the TV Screen, it’s felt like a Sunday. And this tune has Sunday written all over it. Laid back, chilled vibes and a very unexpected take on one of the most inspiring, transcendent songs known to mankind. “This Must Be The Place” is one of “those songs” the kind that’s impossible to hate, the kind that seizes you. It’s the type of song that makes babies, breaks windows, and cures politics.

The Strand of Oaks take on it mostly makes babies, and also sprinkles in a little world peace. I generally find the best–or at least definitely the most interesting–covers are often the ones that deviate most wildly from the originals. When an artist finds a song that inspires him or her, they make a conscious effort to emulate it, but the special ones take the risk, the leap to make it their own (RAC does this really well). When you admire and cherish a song, a painting, or a book, trying to recreate that feeling is really fucking hard, especially when that song is already PERFECT (side note: I’ved tried writing like Hemingway–didn’t work). But when an artist is successful–when the best, most classic art inspires modern art, it’s a beautiful thing. And that’s why I will (TRY to) no longer hate on any “cover.”

When this came on at the end of Psychemagik‘s “Celestial Love” mix, it simply stunned me. Covers like this make you stop and say “WHOA, that’s THAT song!” And “WHOA, this shit is DEEP.” It’s making me think of home, of people I used to know, of stories I could tell, and whether or not I should go out tonight.

I know nothing about Strand of Oaks or the lead singer but they do channel the Talking Heads/David Byrne ethos in a most delicious way. It’s a stripped down, almost a cappella version that turns one of the most uplifting, bittersweet songs in the game into a straight-up swan song. And that little synth “rollercoaster” solo towards the end is an ear massage. With this version, you can’t hide  from David Byrnes’ haunting lyrics on sweaty dance floors.

Never for money, always for love

Press play, light a candle, and go to your happy place.

Strand of Oaks – This Must Be The Place


There’s a lot of (mostly schwaggy/diluted) remixes to this song. This one is skillz:

Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Psychemagik Naiive Edit)