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Ibeyi – Better In Tune With The Infinite (Jay Electronica Cover)

Not many words are necessary to describe this song, and if you watch below you’ll see for yourself. It’s simple and to the point. It somehow evokes multiple spouts of goosebumps with beautiful harmonies and minimal percussion. The twins of Ibeyi took out none of the soul of Jay Electronica’s original, but twisted it in a way that touches a different part of my inner being.

Go take a walk, listen to this song, look up at the sky, let the melody take your mind away from your physical being. Let your mind wander.. because when’s the last time you truly did?

Ibeyi’s album is set to be released in February, so keep your eyes peeled!


Studio – Self Service

It’s 4 AM and as usual these days I have very little interest in sleeping, when’s the next Noctambule right? It doesn’t help that I’m on another Swedish binge with music that’s custom made for the night owls. Today’s muse is Studio (Dan Lissvik and Rasmus Hägg), the production duo from Gothenburg that’s heavily invested in the art of groove, vibe and sophistication.

Yearbook 1 was their debut album and is regarded by many, EMPT included, as one of the best in ’07. Most of their songs are experimental instrumentals that seemingly never end so if you ever want to zone out for a while this album would be a valuable asset. Self Service however airs on the side of conventional in terms of structure and production but I tell yah these guys give familiarity a good name. Studio takes bits and pieces of their epic instrumental style and condenses it into a 4 minute song and the result is brilliant.

Sometimes you just don’t get it straight,
Just learn from your mistakes.
In time when everythings ok
I guess we’re even now I’ll be fine
But you keep doing it, doing it, doing it to yourself…”

I have a billion things racing through my mind right now and there’s something about having this song in the background that clears it all up. As the title suggests this song is about self defeat and our propensity to self destruct in situations that could be easily handled with a change of perspective. That said I need play this about a dozen more times, hopefully I’ll get tired at some point, enjoy.

Studio – Self Service

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