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Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Percy Faith & His Orchestra et Noreaga & Styles P

First of all shotout to the Click The Square box for taking up an hour of my time when I should’ve been getting right to work on this post.  Damn that shit was fun.  Anyway, let’s discuss one of the thousand reasons that make New York City the best city on earth.  The scenario is; a […]

The Bird And The Bee – Heard It On The Radio

After my freshman year in college I spent the summer in Saratoga causing all sorts of trouble and one of the reasons why I remember that time so well is because of the music on the radio. Summer 2002 was the shit. Hip Hop had the perfect balance of commercialism and authenticity, Styles P had […]

Kevin Casey Music Presents Live From New York (1994-2001)

Man look at these suckers. I ain’t no rapper, I’m a hustler. It just so happens I know how to rap.” In the beginning Hip Hop was about b-boying, djing, graffiti and emceeing. The drug game of the late 1980’s changed the ghetto so, it was only natural that it would change the music as […]