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Jaymes Young – Habits of the Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)

Whether it’s the opening bit where you sense the faint sound of steel drum-esque tones, or the distorted opening words, “I can’t say no, it’s ripping me apart” you should feel this. I recently read about a condition called auditory agnosia, the neurological disorder where you do not have an emotional response to music. I thought about […]

M∆de in Heights – Skylark Interabang!

There are some songs that you listen to passively. They resonate with you, but only for the three minute or so time mark after which they dissolve into the atmosphere. Then there are songs that resonate through your whole body and when the track ends you dissolve with it. Some songs become an extension of […]

Welcome to The Decade

I believe he’s too humble and shy to admit it, since it don’t need more attention than it already gets, but it was EMPT’s first birthday last november, n the sneaky site thought we wouldn’t notice. Properly set up with a spanking brand new server, EMPT has been bigger than ever, but smaller than it […]