Sweater Beats – Enemy (feat. Sorana)

I’m absolutely smitten by “Enemy”, the newest release from Sweater Beats. It’s a sweet, sparkling production complemented by the perfect amount of sonic sass from Sorana which gives me some serious early M.I.A. vibes. The two artists have a chemistry that’s so seamless it has a sense of childlike wonderment, from the choppy, playful hook, to the wonderfully flippant verses. As soon as the track ended on first listen, I immediately hit repeat because it provides a cartoonish world where I can hide from all the bullshit in my personal life and on the grand scale of the world as a whole (kind of like the character hiding in his hoodie on the single artwork).

I know it’s a surface level thought, but the song’s title made me think about I have zero enemies in my life. I have people that bug me (much like any other average human on this Earth), but there’s not a single person in my life who I consider an adversary. Throughout high school and college, a handful of people come to mind from my days of being a hot head, but in my adult life, I believe I’ve become a genuinely centered person who practices kindness in all of my affairs. I’m fortunate to work with people I love, have a select group of friends who give me such a genuine sense of fulfillment, and daily practices that give me a base level of gratitude. In a chaotic world, I’m moving along just fine.

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