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EMPT Premiere: Shindu – Just Go (Reflex Remix)

So, I’ve been lucky enough to have been rocking this on my iPod for two months now. And now it’s time that, as faithful listeners of all things good here at EMPT, we brought you the exclusive premiere one week in advance of its release: The Reflex remix of Shindu’s Just Go.

Just Go is a homage to doing what you feel like doing and not giving much thought about what ifs. The true value of this piece of sonic greatness lies in the way that Ludmila Cassar and André Dalcan (a pair both in and outside the studio) –in all aspects– vibrate at the same frequency. The result is a concoction they’ve called ‘Sea Disco’. It has 1 part nu disco, 1.5 parts synth pop and 1/2 pure indie dance. Or so I believe is the recipe (we’d have to ask them).

Sir Jerry Bouthier (Continental Records head and main A&R) sure knows how to select only the best from what France has to offer. And righteously so, he’s one of the main remixers and curators of Kitsuné Maison label/fashion house and all around powerhouse of good taste. I’ve been following Reflex’s work for the last year now and proof that I am not alone in the thought that amazing things are lined up for this duo from a place in the world that has a big big part of my heart — the South of France –is that a plethora of their remixes and reworks have made it to Kitsuné Maison compilations with great success.

One thing that we pride ourselves here at EMPT is not only handpicking the best the world of music has to offer but highlighting artists that we believe will be at the forefront of high quality music in the future. Reflex is just that. And we couldn’t be more proud to share this one with you.

Make sure you stay on the look out for December 10 on all digital outlets so you can purchase this cool tune. In the meantime, hit play as many times as you’d like after the break.

Shindu – Just Go ( Reflex Remix ) by REFLEX


Vibes – New Light

They say wanting something bad enough is all you need to make it happen. That that hunger is more important than anything else, even love, preparation or academics. Yearning for that new light and always being one step away from it. Almost, but not exactly there. We’ve all been there, or at least know someone that has.

But let’s not get too deep, because the Vibes collective’s debut single is nothing but good vibes and a helluva catchy tune. I discovered Vibes after looking into G Templeton & Alex Slavin‘s One Look.

They say that this is pool party disco but I can’t seem to not feel the heavy 80’s influence from the synth work to the vocal nuances of a time where singing was more than enunciating words but actually feeling them. The song’s hook and chorus are so catchy that I dare you not to find yourself singing them in your head after the first play.

“Then I stepped to left,
you stepped to the right
You shook your hips a little,
Puckered you lips a little.
Then I stepped to the right,
You stepped to the left.
You looked into my eyes,
Said you look different.
 And sometimes when you arrive, you disappear.
Sometimes no said answers ring in through your ears.

I said, oh, baby.
I’ve been waiting
For a new light
To shine down on me.”

If their debut single is this fun, I cannot wait to see what they have in store next. It makes me look forward to their forthcomeing EP Animal Spirits.
I am officially dubbing them: the next nudisco-eternal-summer-vibe band.
Vibes – New Light

Music Remixes

MGMT – Kids (Petshop Boys Synthpop Remix)

As if the original wasn’t good enough, here’s an impressive remix.

MGMT – Kids (Petshop Boys Synthpop Remix)