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Femi Kuti – Tell Me (Jeremy Sole’s Musaic’s Remix feat. Ticklah)

Free education
Free medication
Food, light, water to drink.”

Let me be the one to say it out loud on EMPT, even though I know Hector has mentioned it before — Jeremy Sole knows how to spin a tune. And with style, might I add. I’ve brought you guys a few Jeremy Sole edits and remixes over the past year or so, but I am so glad that Femi Kuti entered his musical sights. This track is solid gold and it makes me so happy on this day. Today was the most beautiful day, especially after the disaster that was yesterday. And man, I have to say it. But if we all could just sit back and realize for a moment that every time we have a terrible day, it’s so the good days can be so much better. Because what is a good thing without feeling the bad? The only reason things are good to begin with, is because they are not bad. 

The feeling is this: you wake up feeling not like yourself, a little stomachy maybe, depending on where your stress goes. You decide to ignore it, despite the fact that everything in your apartment is attempting to stop you from leaving. You disregard the signs, you leave your apartment and go to work where you feel strangely miserable. Work is fine, but your brain isn’t. In New York, I find that I am surrounded by people much like myself, who attempt to diagnose whatever it is that they are feeling especially when it has to do with emotions. It’s such a dumb thing, especially since like, who do we even think we are? Regardless, your mind races: am I depressed? What’s this feeling of doom that I have? Why is every interaction that I have fake? 

Here’s the thing: this happens. A lot. But maybe not all that often to one person in the span of six months. I’m just saying, that it’s so like us to assume that the day we wake up and don’t feel like ourselves is the day that we probably end up depressed. Ultimatums get us nowhere when we apply them to the way we live. I personally, love to assume that waking up weird is a new thing that has never happened to me before, when in reality, it happened a lot especially in the past year. Those bad days, fortunately, are overshadowed by happy days and that is why we forget. But maybe next time you’re feeling down, keep two things in mind: you will be that much happier on a day that is not that day, and that you have felt this way before. Guess what? You’re still alive. That’s beautiful.

Anyways, this track is very real. The message is driven right at the flaws of a society that Femi Kuti wishes were different. And we can definitely all relate to that. But besides serving a dose of realness, it’s a sonic masterpiece of happy notes and sexy rhythms. So without further ado, enjoy.

Femi Kuti – Tell Me (Jeremy Sole’s Musaic’s Remix feat. Ticklah)