Wildcat! Wildcat! – The Chief

It’s the middle of the week again and you need a reason to keep the train running.  Slip on your comfy slippers, exhale, lean back, put on your good headphones and plug in to L.A. trio Wildcat! Wildcat!’s new track, The Chief.

After completing a ‘Wild’ly successful residency at Los Angeles’ Echo, a venue known for hosting such notable indie performers like Dntel, Band of Horses, and Beck, Wildcat! Wildcat! is truly on the up and up in the local L.A. music scene.  Though with its delicate melodies and anthemic falsetto hooks, their recently released single The Chief (also available on vinyl) has permeated beyond the City of Angels’ limits and is slowly but surely gaining due respect on the world wide web.  And for good reason.

If an avid indie listener was playing “Name That Tune” and was only given the beginning bass note, they might confuse The Chief with Sleigh BellsParliament-sampling Rill Rill.  Similarly, it’s packed with the heart-gripping R&B pulse and warmly delivered coquettish vocals that demand repeated listens from both.  As the song progresses, we’re treated to sugary chords complemented with slow-funk bass lines.  This isn’t the only indication of their intuitive musicianship: their soaring crescendos link together the smooth, inviting phrases. Also, the instrumental bridge at 1:50 does exactly what certain types of successful bridges do: brings us to home to a walloping payoff.  The excellent outro contains a winning harmonic resolve, but this time around, we get a genuine climactic saxplosion and a (did they just go there?) bald eagle cry.

The eagle cry is obviously foreshadowing the soaring career ahead of them.  Word-of-mouth marketing should serve them well, because you pretty much can’t say the band’s name without sounding utterly enthusiastic. Two cheers to a bright future for Wildcat! Wildcat!

Wildcat! Wildcat! – The Chief