The Count & Sinden – After Dark (Feat. Mystery Jets)

We never had a heart to heart, but you still call me up after dark…”

There’s some serious rain hitting NYC right now which calls for some equally potent anti-bad weather music. The tropical, percussion heavy vibe of The Count & Sinden’s After Dark couldn’t be a better antagonist. I don’t know much about this production team except that they’re from the UK and their debut single Beeper with Kid Sister was club smash back in the day aka 2008.

The song is about a guy who notices his so called lover only calls him in the late night, in other words when she’s had a few martinis to get the “love” flowing.

Round about midnight pretend I’m not here, come to AM and you whisper in my ear…”

Will and Kai from the Mystery Jets make these lyrics quite convincing with their similarly intoxicated delivery. The percussion, guitars and bass line are arranged to perfection on this track. So much so that you kinda wish there was an instrumental out there… Anyways, gotta go stay active to fight the rainy laziness, enjoy.

The Count & Sinden – After Dark (Feat. Mystery Jets)