San Holo – The Future (Taska Black Remix)

In the midst of a discussion about working toward the future yesterday, an acquaintance said that too many people think too far ahead – they’re focused on a grandiose vision years down the road without focusing on the present. It’s important to have aspirations, but rather than banking on huge leaps of progress, you have to break it down day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second. The progress you make in each of those fleeting moments is key, and from my experience, being cognizant of each of those successes provides self-satisfaction and the willingness to keep working.

Now that I got that little anecdote out of the way, let’s talk about Taska Black’s “The Future” remix. The original was a bombshell of an electronic+rock fusion from San Holo and James Vincent McMorrow that coincided perfectly with the addition of live performances to Holo’s DJ sets, but to be quite honest, Black has reimagined the track in a fashion that’s much more my speed. With McMorrow’s vocals pitched up and down at will alongside a rapid-fire barrage of ethereal synths and spine-tingling percussion during its hook, the remix taps into a lush, hypnotic sound that makes it so easy to slip away for its 3 minute runtime. If Black’s take on “The Future” somehow doesn’t click for you, though, there’s plenty more remixes of the Holo+McMorrow collaboration for your listening pleasure on Spotify.