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The Glitch Mob 7/22/2011

I’ve been a sucker for the Glitch Mob since one of my best friends showed me “Drink the Sea” last year. I fell in love with their strange, rather glitchy but eclectic sound. They are a revolutionary electronic act, whose sound is pretty incomparable to anyone else in the field. They remind me a lot of Ratatat, aesthetically, because they both do something that no one else really does. There is something really raw and primal to their music, giving them a really smooth tribal quality.

I was able to experience the danced out craze that is the Glitch Mob in concert last night, and all I can say is wow. The entire show was so well-orchestrated, and all of the members in Glitch Mob behaved so professionally, decked out in dress shirts and ties. They were so kind and thankful to be in New York, it was really adorable.

Honestly, I’m a little mind-blown right now. Phantogram and RJD2 opened for The Glitch Mob, and they were nothing short of incredible. I was surprised by how people didn’t really seem to know RJD2 though, because when we got there, there was a lot of talking going on and not much dancing. It was still really beautiful, but I’m just surprised more people weren’t dancing. I think this can only be attributed to the generally young crowd that seems to inhabit Terminal 5 on any given concert evening, but I actually thought this crowd, (for once) was a little older and a little more mature…Until I saw sixteen year olds screaming at the top of their lungs. Guess not.

Phantogram also blew me away, with their fly lead singer, Sarah Barthel. Rocking a Karen O. hairstyle, she headbanged, and played the hell out of the keyboard. It was really hard to not dance to.

All I can say is that the Glitch Mob was able to make me dance way more than I expected, and that’s all I’m ever trying to do. Their sound was perfect too, not too heavy on the bass. They also opened their set with Daft Punk, which was probably the wisest move they could’ve made because it was such a crowd pleaser.

They closed the show with their remix of the White Stripes, Seven Nation Army. Talk about a sexy swagged out song to begin with, when the Glitch Mob put their spin on it, it was just too much to handle, in all the best ways. Terminal 5 as a venue tends to be rather unreliable, because most of the shows are 16+ which means the crowd can get a little young, prematurely drugged out, and out of control. However, last night was a smashing success on all fronts. Bravo, Terminal 5.

I took a couple of photos on my really lousy little flip phone, but their visual set was really something else.


The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army – (The Glitch Mob Remix)

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Music Remixes

TV On The Radio – Red Dress

I’ve been out of circulation for the past week, and now I’ve returned to the reality that is my computer and parent’s home. I’m here for a couple of days just to bask in the warmth that is my hometown neighborhood, and I must say that there’s nothing better. While I will be ready to return to Manhattan in a couple of days, I am so happy to be blasting TV On The Radio constantly for all within a half mile distance to hear. It’s loud, punky, and totally kosher in my books. I’m just trying to spread the love.

The reality is that I’ve developed a long-lasting, long-term relationship with TV On The Radio. We’ve been through a lot together, and even though I’m a recent fan, I can probably say that they will stick around for me. There have only been a few other artists that can safely achieve that status in my books, including Andrew Bird, Beyonce, Fatboy Slim, and Regina Spektor. It’s an eclectic group that includes many other names that I won’t list right now, but they’re the only music that remain constant in my life. As someone who is always looking for the best new sounds and musical language, it’s comforting to know that there are a few musical stables in my life.

TV On The Radio has done a remarkable job of returning from their two year hiatus to provide us with awesome tuneage, which I thank them for. If I were to meet them, I’d probably be speechless, like many. Not because I’d be overwhelmed by their celebrity status, but because what I’d really want to ask them, is whether or not the lyrics actually ring true to their lives. Having lyrics that speak just as loud as the music itself is something I’ve always admired and I think it’s a musician’s most important, and difficult, job. If you can successfully speak in two different languages, (music vs. lyrics) in one song, then you are in fact a modern day Mozart. While there are bands that can achieve this, I believe TVOTR has done so seamlessly.

So, I happened upon this fabulous remix of Red Dress by the Glitch Mob. And I must say, that as someone who is a huge electronica nerd and junkie, the Glitch Mob does it for me. Their sound can only be described as modern day psychedlics, to me, and combined with the awesomeness that is TVOTR, I don’t think this track can do any wrong. Maybe it’s because the Glitch Mob just takes it in an entirely different direction. While this technique has proven itself fatal in other situations, it works really well here. It’s not necessarily new and fresh for ya’ll, but it’s totally diggable, and should receive as much attention as possible. You can listen to my favorite version of the original, here, via David Letterman.

TV On The Radio – Red Dress (The Glitch Mob Remix)

And to further woo you:

TV On The Radio Second Song (off Nine Types of Light)



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Siriusmo – Urlaub In Berlin

Ok so it’s 7 am and I have to make it from the Hamptons to Philly by 10 am, this should be fun. I need to post something that sounds like the soundtrack to a high speed car chase and I have two songs that fit the bill. This new Glitch Mob track is banging speaks for itself and the funky Siriusmo track well, that’s just classic. Alright, if I don’t leave in the next five minutes this is not going to happen, off to the races, enjoy.

Women and fast cars could poison a rap star… – Nas (Stillmatic)

Siriusmo – Urlaub In Berlin

The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It