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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Avril 2014

Before you start reading, start listening. As usual, Steph has provided us with exceptional fire and not a second should be wasted before you start playing it.
I’m just what you made God, not many I trust.
Imma go my out way God, take my fate to where ever you want.”

I think about that a lot these days, fearlessly becoming yourself that is. I try to picture my life without external influences and what it would be like. The job we have, the people we love, the places we go all play a huge part in defining who we are. Each one of those requires compromise, you have to spend your time in an office behaving in a way that agrees with the company, your lover may be different from you and you have to make compromises to be in harmony and on and on. But what if those things didn’t play a factor? Think about that for a minute, does the world you live in allow you to truly be yourself? To be yourself, to truly be yourself man, that’s where it’s at.

Avril starts off the Moss remix of Glass Animals’ Gooey Gilligan and the first lyrics says
Let me show you everything I know…”

I was on a call with the EMPT team last night and our conversation was about being open, inviting everyone to be express themselves, not just in the context of the site but who they are. I encourage that because I sincerely want to know the great people around me, I want the world to know them. I want to learn, I want to have more perspective, more places draw inspiration from, more love to know about and on and on. Show me everything you know!  There’s some futuristic Space Age hippie, rebel, uptown, world class shit going on with EMPT right now and it represents everything I am and love.

Perhaps my fascination with LMDM stems from how pedagogic it is, how well it speaks to my desire to explore and learn. Historically, I don’t fare well with know it alls, they have a very clear understanding of what life is, what love is, what the rules are, how good they are at following them and how bad you are at not understanding. I can’t walk around the marvel that is earth pretending like things aren’t malleable, like the world isn’t in constant change. Sound like a dreamer? HYFR it does. This is romantic realism, the world as it exist is always acknowledged but the limitless wonder is never out of sight or out of play.

Needless to say, open minds fascinate me and Le Miel du Mois is perhaps the epitome of an open mind. You can learn a lot about style from these tapes. If epigenetics or former lives are real then I imagine Steph or someone in her lineage being the Diana Vreeland or Anna Wintour of another time. That’s the only way to explain the constantly evolving sound, taste and masterful curatoria that is LMDM. Like all other tapes, this one is 360 degrees of stylistic expression. From the retro future 90s sounding Filthy Lover, to luxurious chill out jam Talk is Cheap, to banger Holding on to Heaven, Steph gives us everything, always showing not just what she knows but what she’s learning. That’s that Space Age hippie, rebel, uptown, world class shit. I love her for that, enjoy.

Let me show you everything we know.


  1. Glass Animals – Gooey Gilligan (Moss Remix)
  2. Little Dragon – Paris
  3. Foxes – Holding Onto Heaven (Kove Remix)
  4. Mr Little Jeans – Good Mistake (Y&S $500 Mix)
  5. The Golden Pony – Filthy Lover
  6. Jamie xx – Girl
  7. Deerhunter – Helicopter
  8. Alexander – Truth
  9. Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap
  10. Belgian Fog – Loveless Way
Music Remixes

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Golden Pony Remix)

If you’re anyone with access to news and social media (you’re here so you obviously are) you’re well aware of Hurricane Sandy that basically duck-walked and death-dropped all over New York City a week ago. Those of us who live in Manhattan are still feeling her after affects but I’m happy to say that things are looking up. I was displaced for a solid week due to some casual explosion at ConEd that sent my power and subsequently my internet out. Luckily, the power returned yesterday and I was able to come back to my apartment and internet hub; all is well. This isn’t the most important thing, though. This week has showed me that life exists beyond the infinite realm of the internet. Things slowed down for once and friendships were deepened and new bonds were created; I even finished a book that wasn’t required for a class (go me). As rude as Sandy was to this city, she’s pressed the re-start button and I’m ready to begin again.

With that said, I’m bringing you an excellent remix of a track I wrote about last July . One of EMPT’s writers, Yaqui introduced me to this song and its been my Sunday jam. Brooklyn’s own Golden Pony have spun the already upbeat Two Door Cinema Club single into a house banger that’ll become a solid member of your pre-game, workout, strutting down the street playlist. Trimble’s vocals are chopped up over a bass-line synth mix that both soars through the airwaves and pounds through your bones. The builds and drops aren’t heavy but they are certainly pronounced. When Trimble enters the refrains, his falsetto is turned up higher and higher until Golden Pony drops us into the chorus.

It’s tracks like this and producers like The Golden Pony that keep me excited about the music scene. This duo has definitely been added to my list of sets I want to see asap. In spite of the oddness of this past week, it’s refreshing to come back to the connected and networked world of the internet and find the music world still going strong. Even those affected by some drizzly storm can still bust out solid tracks like this one. Put on your headphones, step outside and work your way down the street with this track. It’ll bring out an extra boost of confidence to begin your week.

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Golden Pony Remix)