The L.O.X. – Recognize

And it ain’t a dream, things ain’t always what it seem…” – Notorious B.I.G.

The world didn’t start yesterday yet we’re such an ego driven species that we fail to acknowledge the immense history and progress that has come before us and led to this very moment. It’s a blatant disrespect for the journey that could very well lead to the very things we escaped if we don’t start taking a minute to stop and smell the flowers.

The newer generations are way too forgiving.”

I read that on Cyrus Pavel’s twitter and it struck me as profound. If you think about it, anyone born in the United States was born with a huge inheritance. Not a necessarily a monetary inheritance but an inheritance of rights and freedoms that were fought long and hard for. Yes, there are still many seemingly insurmountable inequalities but that’s just an illusion, in America you make your way, it’s always been like that. All the handout thinking is new programming, it’s the illusion used to make us dependent on others – the trap. Our fathers were rebels like George Washington, activists like Martin Luther King, Jr. and geniuses like Nikola Tesla. When we let people destroy what these guys did we’re essentially letting someone take away our inheritance. Our generation is too forgiving because what’s happening to us can only be explained in Style Wars lingo –

You can never make up for that
That’s never forgive action.”

So as much as our egos would like for us to believe that the world starts and ends with us and only us we need to respect our history, protect our inheritance, and recognize what has come before us. I was lucky to grow up in Harlem, I traveled half way around the world before I was 15, I shook hands with Mandela, sung on the White House lawn then went back home to the projects, I hopped the 1 train and flew with titans on private planes. I’m thankful for that vantage point because for all the luxuries I’ve had in my life, a lack of perspective has never been one. I understand and have an immense respect for everything and everyone that has come before us.

Don’t get it twisted ya’ll.”