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The Neighbourhood – 93 to Infinity (Souls of Mischief Cover)

The Neighbourhood has a signature sound. Sultry male vocals and a nearly hidden bass which rests in the back of all of their songs. Like the cool kid at the party. I have yet to hear one of their songs which doesn’t make you want to take your clothes off immediately. This cover urges you to do that once more.

“Feel the good vibrations.”

The boys from California don’t use the same lyrics as the ’93 original release from Souls of Mischief, but they have adapted the song which slips in to their talents like a glove. I really like this song. I feel like I can’t articulate the elements which make it pop that can’t better be expressed by just listening to it. The guitar plays simple chords reminiscent of ’90s grunge rock. You can see the guys in their white shirts and black jeans, their aviators and bravado dangling from their faces playing along with it and then getting really in to it and letting you fade out at the end. Like a perfect summer romance.

The song is perfect for summer.

The Neighbourhood – 93 to Infinity (Souls Of Mischief Cover)

Mixtape Music

Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Les Auteurs — Ashley Hefnawy

We love the trials and tribulations of relationships. If you’re a regular reader of EMPT, you probably already know that. We love love. It’s a complex, difficult, struggling aspect of life, and yet, it’s so easy to rant about. I personally appreciate it because I am not currently in love. Because of that, I geekily analyze every song that even mentions love. All of it is intriguing to me, the beginning, the plot line, the plateau, and the eventual decline. In some rare instances, we find ourselves in situations of “everlasting love.” If you’re in one of those situations at the moment, then you have that extra level of faith that it will continue for you, and you know that it will never falter, no matter your circumstances. I believe I’ve experienced a love like that with people in my life, not necessarily intimate, and I cherish that.

So when Indie Shuffle came to us and asked us to build a themed playlist, I relished the notion of creating a themed playlist that could be about anything I wanted. For the record, every fabulous EMPT writer will have the chance to put together and publish a playlist using Indie Shuffle’s “collections” — which is basically, internet technology that allows you to make playlists and share them with others on your blogs. It’s a beautiful thing.

In this first edition, you’ll notice that the song titles are particularly specific to certain levels of a relationship. The beginning, for me at least, is the friendship that you don’t realize, is turning into something more. It’s the surprise, the moment you go to one of your friends and question, “Is it possible that he likes me? He’s been hitting me up a lot more than usual lately, I honestly thought we were just friends…But he’s so sweet.” Without even realizing, things begin to fall into your lap, and all of a sudden, you’re in blissful love. You stare at each other in parks as if there’s no one around; you know every fleck of brown and orange and yellow in their green/blue eyes. Your heart is on the verge of heart attack every time an intimate moment occurs. It’s easyOne day you wake up and your world is dictated by someone else — how did this happen? You’re so New York City independent, you foxy woman, you. You have your own life, your own friends, and your own weekend plans — but all of a sudden, you don’t. You want to know what they’re doing before you even know what you’re doing. And that scares the shit out of you, causing to look at life with a fearful eye — you’re afraid. And you tell them. But they respond with fear, too, and you both embrace it. If you’re going to fall into this hole, you’re going to fall down together. So you bask in this lavish glory, one of you treats the other like a precious diamond and you go out to expensive dinners and wear expensive shoes. Your life is suddenly wild and you have no idea how it happened.

And then one day you wake up next to this person and you don’t even know who they are. Life’s caught up to you and you’re disgusted by yourself. Or, alternatively, they have that realization about you. Either way, you just wish things could stay like they were before. You want to go back to the park on the water, where you both admitted fear and love all at once. Where you cried because it was overwhelming. You want them to stay. And like that, you’re attempting to move on. It’s over and you’re trying to heal your heart, trying to heal the universe that’s been built around you. You want to get better, but you don’t know how. So you numb the pain. And it turns you into this uptight alternate version of yourself. Or sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes, it just makes you into this seemingly carefree human, devoid of emotion, wanting to “experience it all.” You’re trying to embody the idea of a twenty-something.

But deep deep down, you know the environment in which your heart belongs. You just don’t know who should hold it.

This mix is for the love-missers. Hell, I know I miss it. Yeah, I love different people in my life. I allow that emotion to embody different moments of my days, and sometimes, I’m so overwhelmed by it, that I cry. But I never cry in the way that I do when I’m in love with just one person in just one way. And that’s what I miss. I think we all miss that.

Without further ado, please enjoy this first edition of Les Auteurs. And thank you, Indie Shuffle, for giving us this awesome opportunity to tell a story with a playlist.


Lollapalooza and then Some


A week later and the hangover of Lollapalooza has finally subsided. Not the partying kind, the music kind. You get withdrawals after a weekend like that. To be honest, the rumors are true about it. It is the most organized festival you can go to and it’s clean. You almost welcome the dirt after a long day of trekking back and forth Grant Park. Being that it was my first time to the lovely city of Chicago, I was in complete awe. Not just because I finally got all the references to it being the other half of Gotham City, but also because it is truly a neat place. For the festival, I applaud Live Nation as I was inspired to listen to every artist I heard after each set, as they sounded perfect. Through the ocean of crop tops and man tank tops, there was something beautiful there, the music.

There is a hilarious poster which notes the “American Festival” having that 80’s band you sort of listened to, Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar, that singer / songwriter you can’t remember the name but should try and see, etc. Don’t fret, they were all there. And it was marvelous. So we don’t need to go on about how great the Cure was, it should go without saying that is like the world’s biggest sing-a-long for 2 hours. I would, however, love to make some quick notes about the acts I saw that stood out.

The Neighbourhood – This is the fifth time I have seen them. They had recently released an album showcasing the sultry lead vocals and the bands ability to create some sexy tunes giving equal credit to catchy guitar sounds and a base which keeps you hanging on to their every chord. The lyrics, oh the lyrics, are dark and sexy and beg you to get undressed.

Band of Horses – OK. They are a massive act. And I definitely cried when they played the Funeral. It was absolute magic to hear them live. Truly a beautiful moment at the festival.

Chance the Rapper – A very cool artist ( Favorite Song produced by Nate Fox – amazing track is available with the Childish Gambino) and overall really fun to see live. Great rapping with a smooth sound and an eldritch voice.

Charles Bradley – If you are at all in to James Brown, look this wonderful man up. An entertainer with vocals which had a bandana wrapped mob dancing along in the heat along with him. (Check out This World Is Going Up In Flames). I found a fun mix I think would appeal to the readers here with David Guetta. Enjoy a moment where funk meets electric. Beautiful.

Palma Violets – By far, the best new band I had seen. People were stopping to listen or walking back to the Bud Light stage and just staring at them. Look up where they will be next and buy some tickets with your fun friends. The music is what will likely play in a movie when they film the night everyone remembers forever (Best of Friends is the tune to look up for this moment).

Jake Bugg – I had heard about him a while ago and made it a point to see him. Just amazing. Arguably the singer / songwriter in my poorly executed joke above. He will blow you away. Download the song below and go for a drive. It is that kind of music to make you take the long way to wherever.

On that note, I give you some examples of the talented crew who made this festival the best Lolla ever.

Jake Bugg – Seen It All

Charles Bradley Vs David Guetta – No Time for Love

Chance the Rapper – Favorite Song (ft. Childish Gambino)



The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather


The first time I heard this song I passed it off as another cute quirky indie romance tune; something you’d find on the (500) Days of Summer soundtrack, perhaps. “Let me hold your hands in the holes of my sweater.” Aw, that’s so sweet,” I thought. Then I listened to it again, “…Aw…” – only now I’m irritated. That line is SO tragically cutesy that it’s good.  It brought me back to my Hellogoodbye and PlayRadioPlay! days (two artists who I shamelessly love and still listen to…eheh). “Why can’t I be that cute and quirky romantic boy for someone?” I began to not like the song because The Neighbourhood was making something I would say to someone sound great while if I went and pulled that line on someone, they’d purse their lips into a Miranda Priestly smile, quickly giggle, and turn away.

Let’s just say nostalgia for my good ‘ole MySpace days set in and I kept listening to it. What I passed off as charming little lyrics are quite the opposite. This song tackles the unspoken lust towards a future lover and/or significant other. Jesse James Rutherford, the Cali band’s frontman, is giving us his silent confession of lusting over this girl having – what seems to be – not gone much farther beyond his imagination. He addresses us and this girl both in the track.

Touch my neck and I’ll touch yours
You in those little high waisted shorts.”

Rutherford sings to her before heading into the chorus aside where he sets the scene with one love and two mouths. The chorus, however, seems to be all his wanting; a dream he has from time to time. The band’s “oh’s” in the background and quiet harmonies combine with a beach-pop tune. While it does go for a little ballad spin in the refrain, it’s all apart of emphasizing the longing Rutherford is feeling. His lover isn’t opening up (she’s cold) and to attempt to gain their trust, he offers to hold their hands…make them comfortable. Aw (for for real this time)!

The Neighbourhood has just come on to the scene (they’re streaming their new EP for free on their site) and already have shown potential to gain a considerable audience. This song – with its semi-precious lyrics and summer beat – is the perfect accompaniment as we enter the last weeks of summer.

The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather