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EMPT Classic: The Oos & Ahhs – 2084

For some reason it still feels like the beginning of the week for me even though the end of the week has approached very quickly.  It’s like when I dribble a basketball and I am so fast that I end up running faster then the ball and it ends up behind me.  I am like […]

The Oos & Ahhs – 2084

Alright, make sure you’ve paid your health insurance bills cuz here’s a handbanger that can easily break ya neck. The Oos & Ahhs homage to the classic Orwell novel is highly charged with buzzing bass, explosive synths, and dicing strings, leaving you ready to hit the gym or run from the Thought Police. With iPhones […]

MNDR – I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix)

This is my anthem… I’m hyped about this track, not only because the lyrics pretty much explain my philosophy on life, but also because I’ve been vibing with the The Oos & Ahhs to bring you this exclusive remix. Ya know, giving you that new new is what we’re all about. MNDR’s I Go Away […]