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Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings – Inspiration Information

Just having fun, just laughing smiling having fun…” Here I am sitting by the beach curating the music for a steakhouse in the 49ers stadium. My dad came from the smallest of small towns in the Dominican Republic, I mean small like they just got a full electrical system a decade ago man. The Playlist […]

CHVRCHES – Now Is Not The Time

No matter what happens you can’t stop moving forward. If you’re in a trap the best thing you can do is set your eyes on the next thing. The nature of the universe is that nothing is permanent, not in the same form at least. The world around us is in constant flux but humans […]

NaS – Back When

You love to hear the story, how it all got started…” Something about this verse hit me hard today. I grew up in Harlem during the 90’s, during Giuliani which means it wasn’t the prettiest of times but it wasn’t the 80s. NYC was tough if you were a sucker, but for most people in […]

The Playlist Generation’s December Minimix

Music bombards us from so many angles through so many different forms of media that it’s become difficult to stop, listen, and absorb an entire song–let alone a full album. The evolution and beauty of streaming music means we have the sonic world at our fingertips. This omnipresent access allows for unheard of listening flexibility. But […]

EMPT Presents: The Playlist Generation – Breathing Life

Perfection is a dubious goal that I’m convinced no one can fully (or perpetually) obtain. Michael Jordan had off nights, and Monet made some ordinary paintings. If you’re mortal, it’s impossible to always be on your game–and it’s also impossible to please everyone with your work. I just finished watching Jiro: Dreams of Sushi for the […]

Asaf Avidan & The Mojos – One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix)

“This is one of those stunning, haunting songs that makes you reevaluate everything.” – Michael Smith The author of that chilling quote, Mr. Smith, is shockingly not an editor at Rolling Stone. He’s the CEO of The Playlist Generation and an accomplished DJ. Music seeps through his veins (and ours), as we constantly strive to answer a simple […]

The Playlist Generation

I haven’t spoken much about my move to LA because I’ve been trying to settle into the new lifestyle, meeting all the music heads out here, just getting my stuff together. I’m finally at that point and for the sake of those who’ve emailed me about it, here’s an update. I moved myself and EMPT […]

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

As many of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time out in Cali lately. I’ve been linking up with a company out there called The Playlist Generation that selects music for all your favorite brands, restaurants, TV shows etc. That might sound familiar to you because it’s exactly what my company does. However, […]