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The Presets – Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)

“And wouldn’t it be cool if we

Sail this ship to calmer seas
Turn our backs on bush fires burn.
Leave it on the coast

All the promises we’ve been given, given, given
All the fires that we’ve feedin’, feedin’, feedin’
All the lies that we’ve been livin’, livin’, livin’
Am I the only one that’s still believin’

I can see you’re in it to go
I think we knew this day might come
I hope you’ll find what we never ooh
Could never seem to love
But if you find just one reason to return
You’ll find me open arms.”

Making promises, having to say goodbye with that subtle hint of “I’d love you to come back, and if you do, I’ll be here waiting for you”, that’s when, If you’ve never been in that situation, the explanation might be hard to assimilate. Wondering about the future, wondering “what if”, I believe is the message The Presets wants us to stick with from this single.

The original is a modern pop song with 80’s influence, quite smooth in it’s energy. Steady and strong from the start only to come down a bit for the main verses to be savoured. I think this is a standout track from Pacifica and I’m sure it will show with the success it should garner in the next couple of weeks on the blogs and digital outlets.

Right from the start of this remix you’ll feel the usual Plastic Plates signature elements of nu disco. From the hand claps, bassline and all around energy. I like the original, but I truly believe Felix Bloxsom hits it with this one. I’ve included the original for your enjoyment and also so you can appreciate where my words couldn’t the departure of a Plastic Plates treatment from an original.

Sing it to her/him, but do it while you dance yourself away with this remix.
The Presets – Promises (Plastic Plates Remix)

The Presets – Promises


The Presets – Push

After seeing The Presets at Terminal 5 earlier in October, I’ve been compelled to write about them for a while but haven’t found the chance to. I’ve written about them on here before, but after their live performance I have a whole new level of respect for them. I was properly blown away by the energy they brought to the crowded stage and venue (with, I might add, the best crowd of people I’ve encountered in a long time), and while there was minimal personal interactions with the audience, I felt completely drawn and connected the entire time.

The Aussie electronic duo gave us new and old material, with seamless transitions between each song. While their latest album, Pacifica is vastly different from their older work, I think it was less of a style change as a band, and more of an experimentation with new and different sounds. Their opening song, Push, which is off their latest album, was the perfect embodiment of tremendous power-synth driven vocals that so represents some of their harder, older music.

Anyways, enough talk about old and new. I think the reason I loved seeing these guys live so much was because of the crowd energy — we were all on the same level for several parts of the night. When My People came on, everyone started jumping as one collective, which was the most exhilarating adrenaline rush for three minutes.

This track embodies everything about that night. The lyrics are so … pushy. Wherever you are, you feel drawn to the edge. The entire time listening to the track is as if you’re borderline falling, as is the case with a lot of their music. They take the rules of build-ups and drops, and abolish them. Sometimes this means there’s a constant build-up and no drop. Or as is the case with this song, all build-ups and minimal drops.

But in regards to what you said
Please give my response to everybody
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I can’t help but feel like we New Yorkers are in a semi-state of post-Apocalypse. Walking around lower Manhattan yesterday was a really eery feeling, businesses closed, the sounds of police cars and emergency vehicles ringing off the building walls of empty streets. With the post-apocalyptic sound that The Presets seem to have, I think this might be the best walking-through-the-hurricane-mess song for this week.
The Presets – Push

The Presets – Ghosts

Never too late for a Thursday post! This track called my name from a plethora of choices. I haven’t felt so alive after listening to a track in a while (and by a while, I mean maybe a few days…when you live in a constant state of music this is what happens) and the chorus of “ohs” had me immediately hooked. There’s something about the tone of the vocals that gives you the feeling of epic  empowerment, as if the vocalist is speaking to a crowd of people. It’s not quite the lyrics that do it, so much as actual tone of his voice. I think it also has something to do with male chorus in the background, who do an especially great job at setting the scene.

Ran ‘em up in a strip called love 
Lost my mind in the streets of neon 
Now I’m coming on back 
Help me up move right, left foot forward

The Presets are an Australian electronic duo, though their music is electronic in a cool way. One of the first posts I ever wrote for EMPT was about a tUnE-yArDs concert that I went to around this time last year. I remember talking about electronic music for what seemed like a long rant of time, but the point was to look at artists who don’t necessarily work towards the electronic genre of music, but towards implementing electronic instruments into their music. Combining bare, strong vocals against simple electrified orchestral sounds. Introducing a driven and quickly paced drum. All of this is so that we end up right where we should: throwing our hands into the air as if the clouds were opening up to a choir of hallelujahs and maybe doing some karate moves. Because that is definitely what I ended up doing halfway through the song.

I just realized that I’m sitting in my apartment completely dark, with the exception of fairy lights that are hanging from the walls. I’ve listened to this track probably twelve times over the span of the last half hour, and I’ve done so with noise-canceling headphones, as well as a decent speaker system. If you’re looking for the ultimate experience, go for darkness and speakers. It will do incredible things for your evening.

The Presets – Ghosts

BONUS: *I dated this guy for a minute last year and he was actually the one who introduced me to The Presets. As we sat nestled in the back of a bar in the village listening to this song from his Blackberry, I realized that I was 1) really into these guys, and 2) listening to a song on a Blackberry. Totally different feel than Ghosts but still got that groove that I know you’ll love.*

The Presets – Yippiyo-ay 




EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1C by Ryan Radler

Alright it’s official, labor day has passed so it’s no longer cool for chicks to wear white and summer is fictionally over. You gotta love labor day, yet another completely random holiday with no real significance. I refuse to acknowledge this symbolic end of the season so until the sweaters and jackets are back in rotation it’s all s u m m e r: a n t i – w i n t e r over here baby.  Speaking of which, mixtape connoisseur Ryan Radler sent me his latest installment of the anti-winter series over the weekend and I’ve been keeping it all to myself. I’m like Gail Wynand with art, I get attached to it and I want to keep it all to myself except I have a EMPT and all I do is share music, oh the juxtapositions. This tape like all the others is skip free listening because the song selection from start to finish is fantastic. I mean Herb Albert in between Bath & Pandit, Space Age Bachelor Pad Music? Yes.

I have no medical or scientific findings to support this statement but I’m pretty sure that listening to Ryans tapes at least once a day may be a great way to lower cholesterol, relieve stress and regain youth. I mean try to listening to this with a frown, I don’t care what cosmically insignificant problems you’re dealing with at the moment, it’s impossible. I have to say, I’m a huge fan of all these tapes but on this Tuesday morning 1 C is spot on, enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 C

1. Zimbabwe – NEW NAVY
2. Please Stay – SUMMER HEART
3. Aminals – BATH
4. Music To Watch Girls Go By – HERB ALPERT
5. Kathryn, My Love – PANDIT
6. Hands In The Dark – CHROMATICS
7. The Gaudy Side of Town – GAYNGS
10. Psychic Chasms – NEON INDIAN (ANORAAK REMIX)
13. The Old House Is Gone – ST. LUCIA
14. Punching In A Dream – THE NAKED AND FAMOUS
15. Hours – TYCHO

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 1 c by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous


Sam Sparro – Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)

I was recently talking to one of my friends about not letting strangers affect you. The idea is not being phased by someone who hasn’t earned the right to influence your mood, thoughts or feelings. In life we tend to place value on the opinions and thoughts of outsiders who have little to no idea who we are, what we do etc. Their opinion really doesn’t matter but many of us take things like this to heart and make life decisions based on this worthless perception. Of course, this implies that the people we keep close have earned the right to give you advice and opinions because you have allowed them to be major influences in your life. This creates a major vulnerability which nasty people usually exploit in breakups, divorces, arguments, friendships and so on. It’s also why the people closest to you are potentially the most dangerous…

Lessons, detrimental to a young disciple
Focus take care of your brothers, ni$&@s do as I do
Keep your enemies close where they can see you…

Think about it, who has more power to tarnish your reputation, a stranger or your best friend who knows every little detail about you, and if motivated can cleverly manipulate the truth for his/her benefit?

It’s not your enemy who gets you
It’s always your own people.” – Nas (In Between Us)

This doesn’t mean go around worrying – “you can’t spend your whole life worrying about what’s behind you” – but when people are mad they’re capable of doing things without understanding the implications so don’t be naive. Pocket by Sam Sparro is all about awareness and being wise to human nature. A very successful businessman sat me down one day and told me that his reputation was his most valuable asset and he protected it with his life. Unless you’re a bad person to begin with, your friends are the only people capable of harming you so watch them closely. If they do anything to ruin it, well that’s never forgive action. In the end, we have to be accountable for anything that happens so choose your friends wisely, follow your gut and be quick to walk away from ANY relationship that feels the least bit off.

So keep your friends close and your enemies in your pocket…”

Sam Sparro – Pocket (The Presets Radio Mix)

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The Presets – This Boy’s In Love (Lifelike Remix)

Someone left a comment requesting that we get back to posting more electro…

C’est vraiment super, mais il manque peut etre quelque chose encore, genre un peu plus d’electro et des sons un peu plus récents!
Sinon c’est parfait! 😉

C’est vraiment super, mais il manque peut etre quelque chose encore, genre un peu plus d’electro et des sons un peu plus récents! Sinon c’est parfait! 😉

It’s funny because I was thinking the same thing but December in the music industry isn’t exactly the most happening time so things have been on the chill side as of late. For me though the holidays always meant a 4 week tours around the U.S. so despite the general laziness I’m still a hundred miles and running. There’s no tour this year but my the growth of EMPT is certainly keeping me busy. I’ve been in meetings all morning, still in an epic legal battle with my crooked ex business partner, I’m hunting down a restaurant that owes me money and on and on and on. Needless to say, today’s post definitely called for something a little more upbeat so I went back to one of my favorite albums from 2008 – Apocalyso by The Presets. One the bonus tracks on that was Lifelike’s remix of This Boy’s In Love, a track I couldn’t get enough of back then and as I listen to it now I remember why.

Things are busy and they have been for a while and I can only be thankful for it. I’ve been very lucky to have people around me that believe in me and that believe in my very unorthodox ideas and lifestyle. With all that’s going on, all thats happened I still feel like nothing has happened and my ambition is greater than ever.

Man, I make a buck, why scram?
I’m trying to show y’all who the fuck I am” – Clipse

I was at Estiatorio Milo last night with my girlfriend. The restaurant was packed with 50 to 60 year old business celebrities that you’ve never heard of but run New York City. I’m just a kid from Harlem so being around that was inspiring in itself but it really showed me just how much work there is to be done. New York City is not a place for the faint at heart, balancing tradition and ambition here is damn near impossible but no one said it was going to be easy and Amare Stoudemire will tell you quick that there’s NOTHING like winning in New York…

This boy’s in love, love.
This boy’s in love, under city lights.

I’ve been playing This Boy’s In Love on repeat while writing this. There’s something about that track that just puts you in that go getter mood, that get get up and go attitude, that take over the world type shit. Speaking of hustle, I gotta get back to work, let’s get it!

The Presets – This Boy’s In Love (Lifelike Remix)

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The Presets – Are You The One

Bas ass.

The Presets – Are You The One


The Presets – Kicking & Screaming

This song makes me want to drive. Really really really fast.

Dance Punk at it’s best.

The Presets – Kicking & Screaming