Museum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love

Saturdays on EMPT are usually reserved for Kevin Casey’s sampled Saturday’s but I’ve been so busy developing the Le DJ branch of the site that Kevin and I haven’t even had the chance to speak. However, I was able to find a great remake to honor our beloved sampled saturdays. Who Do You Love is an infectious soul record written in 1964 that reached #25 on Billboard. Last year, Museum of Bella Artes, a Swedish pop band remade it into one the catchiest and chilled out songs I’ve heard in a while. The production on this record is clean, tasteful, full of great decisions all while still maintaining the essence of the original, these Swedes know what they’re doing when it comes to music.

You had a playboys reputation with all the girls you know…”

The songs lyrics are about a girl who isn’t sure of her place with the guy she’s in love with. When in love, most people see what they want to see and not what’s really there. They say love is blind which is true but I’m going to go ahead and say that love isn’t just blind it’s also blinding. This is why when a breakup happens it seems like the person you were with did a 360 and completely changed on you, but they didn’t change fool, they just became themselves again. I’m not a fan of courtship that requires lying and half-ass commitment, that type of game is fugazi and worst of all it waste people’s time. Anyways, gotta get my Saturday going so keep it real with your love interest and enjoy the good music.

When it comes to love I don’t lie, and the girls respect me for it…”  – The Persuaders

Museum of Bellas Artes – Who Do You Love

The Sapphires – Who Do You Love