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EMPT Exclusive: Interview with The Soundmen

EMPT doesn’t always do interviews, but when we do, we bring you the freshest names in the game. This week, Nicky DePaul caught up with Seattle-based production duo The Soundmen, who have blown up of late (Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, MTV), to learn about the new Seattle sound, how their musical collaborations happen, and why surfing is […]

Carousel – Stay Awake (The Soundmen Remix)

Some nights you stay up searching for something to do. The world outside your door is pulsing (especially here in New York City) and staying in means missing out. Some nights you rally and drag yourself to go out while in the back of your mind you’re wishing you were in bed with tea and […]

The Soundmen – Funny Feeling (Panic City Remix)

There ain’t many intricacies to this one. It’s a big room progressive house remix. Since the original is a pop song we might as well not delve into the meaning of it. Let’s stop at how its catchiness is good enough for us to sing it behind closed doors. But, you see, it’s The Soundmen’s […]