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Theme Park – Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)

It’s a god-sent beautiful day in this tropical island of the Dominican Republic and also god-sent was the way this tune came up as the first song I heard today upon hitting play on my iTunes. Being born and raised in this island made me somewhat immune to the gifts it came with. I guess I could say I’d taken for granted the weather and all. Now that I spend months living in a quite cold city the times I come home once a month for a couple of days I really embrace the warm beauty. And talking about warm and beauty these words sound quite apt to describe Gigamesh’s remix of Theme Park’s Jamaica.

But let’s concentrate on this remix for a second — Handclaps & “woos!”. Is there a better way to start this sun-drenched goodness? Gigamesh turns the already great –alas more ballad-like– original into such a feelgood anthem that you can’t help but get up and clap-dance the sh*t out of this one. There are definitely two ways to fall in love with this song: if you’re prone to get swept away by the lyrics and meaning of a song or by the catchy melody it carries with ease.

“Find it in me, to be a lover

Find it in me, to be a friend

I got it home space for another

So I’ll be yours.”

Theme Park – Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)