Thomas Tantrum – Sleep (RAC Remix)

On the tip of a friend via Twitter I decided to hunt this record down, @beautiful_gear – thanks again!. RAC is responsible for this and if you’ve been here before you know just how much we love Andrew and his Collective.

As usual, RAC captures that perfect vibe and the second the song starts you drift away into the feel good. Ironically the song is titled Sleep but it’s dreamy and laid back essence make it perfect for an early morning alarm or playlist. I couldn’t feel the least bit of anger from being awakened by Megan’s sweet and all too familiar tone as she sings Wakey Wakey’s and just all throughout the chorus.

The original and the Band of Skulls remix that’s been circulating have a much rougher indie rock vibe to them. RAC goes the Space Age route by simply giving us a dreamier and sunnier take that enchants and hypnotizes from start to finish. As usual the production is very simple and classy and shows just how mature the RAC production team is. Simply put, RAC strikes again with another perfectly executed remix that breaths new life and energy to song. The weather is playing some serious mind games with us in NYC and the only way to combat such confusion with something like this. So just press play and think spring, enjoy.

Thomas Tantrum – Sleep (RAC Remix)


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