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De La Soul – Stakes is High (Volta Cab Edit)

The dope thing about the modern breadth of music–from EMPT to Hypem all the way up to Soundcloud–is the breadth of the landscape. It’s pretty cool to see people from places like Kazakhstan (Farleon), Cairo (Allen Walker), Tokyo (Shinichi!) and Saint Petersburg (Klar and Pf) making dope electronic music that crosses continents and hits ears in seconds. It’s unifying and it makes me feel worldly, like I’m constantly backpacking through Europe.

The latest addition to the United Nations of (not EDM) Producers comes from the city of Dnipropetrovs’k in Ukraine and goes by Volta Cab (n0t to be confused with Volta Bureau). And he’s making some serious waves with some dreamy, classed out tunes. Volta Cab took on a De La Soul classic, both proving that not all people in Eastern European are prohibited from listening to Hip Hop and that at least one of them knows how to make babies with music.

Put on your adult diapers, cause when Volta Cab‘s in the house, shit is going to get wet.

De La Soul – Stakes is High (Volta Cab Edit)


MJ Cole – Crazy Love (Volta Cab Dub Mix)

And this (for the Scinemax lovers):

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Volta Cab “Soft Core” Remix)