CHVRCHES – Now Is Not The Time

No matter what happens you can’t stop moving forward. If you’re in a trap the best thing you can do is set your eyes on the next thing. The nature of the universe is that nothing is permanent, not in the same form at least. The world around us is in constant flux but humans are gifted and cursed with nostalgia, memories and a strong affection for the past. Who can blame us, reminiscing is like heroin in the way that the very thing that takes the pain away causes it at the same time.

The same thing that make you laugh make you cry,
The same game the make you math could make you die. – Jay-Z

That’s a hard concept to grasp, I don’t fully understand it yet but man there’s so much going on in my life right now that I’m being forced to figure that shit out fast.

For those of you who don’t know, since starting EMPT I’ve become the Creative Director for a company called The Playlist Generation. There’s like 4 people in the world who have my job, I’m a lucky guy and I know it. When Michael (the CEO of TPG) snatched my bagel eating, uptown ranking, Tribeca living, Noctambule party throwing ass from NYC and convinced me to move to LA the company was doing really well. But right now we’re experiencing growth at a level I’ve never personally been a part of and it’s changing everything man. It’s so exciting but with that comes a level of responsibility that’s requiring a complete overhaul in the way I look at everything. Life changes when so many people depend on you, when you need to hit home runs every single day, when you can’t miss a beat, when you’re simply past the age of mistakes and learning without practice.

There’s no such thing as total control but you realize that you need to have your shit together, everything needs to be real, you need to be dependable and everyone around you the same.

I don’t deal with the snakes and fakes, I don’t make mistakes. – Styles P

Music has always been timely for me and if I wasn’t from the Space Age I might have found that too mystical and creepy. Now Is Not The Time by CHVRCHES is no exception, I mean holy shit is this song on the money right now.

Live in fear I cannot be your savior
There is no violence in your heart
Warriors are both time and patience
But you and I are worlds apart…”

The only tattoo I have is on my wrist and it says Fear Nothing. “Live in fear I cannot be your savior” – I’ve spent so much time trying to understand fear that when I see it my body has the most intense reaction to just man up and do what I need to do to get it away from me.

If you pay close attention to the events in your life you can see road signs, everything is connected and if you’re hearts in the right place you know how to move. Our company is dealing with this massive growth challenging times like this expose people more than I ever knew. You quickly see who’s riding with you, who’s really in it for the count, ready to sacrifice for the greater good and stick it through. What’s the cliche saying Pressure makes diamonds? I’ve never appreciated that one more. It becomes less about you and more about the collective, you learn to work and grow together or you fail. There’s no room for fear, there’s no room for excuses of any kind.

Life is short man, you live and you love but when you realize that you can’t stop, you also realize that you can’t wait.

Nothing now can ever come between us
As we hide and watch the city burn
There is much that I still want to tell you
But now is not the time to speak of love”

There’s so much on my mind that I could write a book right now but I have to listen to the music, take my own advice and march to the beat. The whole world is hot under me right now but now is not the time to stop, now is not the time to fear. Enjoy.

CHVRCHES – Now Is Not The Time