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Goldroom feat. Saint Lou Lou – Sweetness Alive

Good Lord, I must confess I’m entirely rapt with this thrilling track. The beat is steady and unrelenting, and the vocals are expansively angelic. Sweetness Alive is exactly the kind of track that brought me to EMPT in the first place. It’s that deliciously tropical pop sound, infectious and invigorating. You might just find it creeping into […]

Le Youth – Dance With Me

Le Youth is the musical project of producer Wes James from the 90210. He’s not that famous as of yet but I am a fan of his work. If you for one reason or another recognize the lyrics in this song or they just sound familiar, it’s because Mr. James sampled TLC’s 90’s super hit […]

Theme Park – Jamaica (Gigamesh Remix)

It’s a god-sent beautiful day in this tropical island of the Dominican Republic and also god-sent was the way this tune came up as the first song I heard today upon hitting play on my iTunes. Being born and raised in this island made me somewhat immune to the gifts it came with. I guess […]

Tina Turner – What’s Love Got To Do (Zimmer Rework)

Love’s got a sh*tload to do with it when it comes to pulling off a such a great remix of a song. It’s Zimmer’s ability to stay true to the original while injecting the right dose of echoed claps, deep bassline and that flute-like sound reminiscent of Met At Work’s famous Down Under that make […]