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You have the most to lose when you are ahead of the game.  The higher you are in this world the more people want to hate, the haters are always out for blood. Believe me I know this, I have always been a go getter, a really hard worker, I don’t believe in failure and […]

2Pac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha et Heaven Ain’t Hard 2 Find

Yesterday marked the 15th anniversary of the tragic death of Tupac Shakur. While I originally planned to get this post up yesterday, it proved difficult to choose the right song being that the man had an incredible catalog of classic records. His versatility remains unmatched, no rapper could seamlessly flow between subject matter like ‘Pac […]

Volta Cab – We Are Martians

When I was 20 I use to get in my car, turn up the music and literally race down the FDR like Ricky Bobby with a fake bag of girl strapped under my car. There’s something liberating about going fast, reminds me of sky diving and roller coasters except you’re in control of the thrill, […]

Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Bruce Hornsby et 2Pac

When Death Row released 2Pac’s Greatest Hits, the double-disc contained four previously unheard records; one of those being “Changes.”  It quickly became one of the most notable and popular records of his career.  Pac discusses a bunch of issues that were related to his era of influence in the game; including racism, poverty, police brutality, and gangs. […]

Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – The O’Jays et 2Pac

When All Eyez on Me came out in 1996, I was in middle school, and was still getting familiar with hip hop as a genre.  For years, all I listened to was the east coast heavy hitters of the time, and it took me a while to really give Pac the proper attention.  I still consider […]

Tupac – Nothing To Lose

“Rap music is the only form of vital music since punk.” – Kurt Cobain While that statement would not apply in the present, songs like “Nothing to Lose” from 2 Pac’s 1997 “R U Still Down? (Remember Me)” LP are the reason why he said that. Everyone is so moderate these days, I miss the […]