Blood Diamonds Ft. Grimes – Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid Remix)

Perfect track to get your Friday heated up quickly!  This is yet another track I have had on repeat, I have a real long time love for house beats and sick remixes, and the bass couldn’t be more infectious on this track.  Just the right amount of sweet vocals but not too much because this is the type of track that can stand alone with all it’s radiating affects.  The production for me is unreal, when a track with all its magic can suck you in and make you feel like you are in another world, I think that’s something to brag about!

 Blood Diamonds, aka Michael Diamond, is a Los Angeles-based pop artist best known for his luxurious dreamscapes and infectious, sun-dipped production.”

“Sun-dipped production”, I couldn’t have said it better myself and that is why I will be bumping this all weekend sitting by the pool, BBQing and enjoying good friends company out in the California sunshine…Absolute Bliss!

Speaking of bliss, I hadn’t heard of Unicorn Kid before but I was very intrigued by his remix of the original and had to find out something about him.  Oliver Sabin is his real name and the kid is only 20 years old from Edinburg and already composing killer electronic music.

When asked about the name of the act, Sabin states ‘There’s no real story behind the name, it just kind of came about and fitted in with the fun, magical nature of the music.‘ “

Enjoy this beautiful weekend and make this your jam for the next couple days!

Blood Diamonds Ft. Grimes – Phone Sex (Unicorn Kid Remix)