Et Musique Pour Tous Vintage Store

A couple of months ago my girlfriend went up to Connecticut to visit a friend and somehow the music blog conversation came up and someone knew EMPT – small world. A few hours later they came down to meet me, we had a drink at Apotheke then went over to Joe’s Shanghai for a dose of those crack infused soup dumplings. If you haven’t been to Joe’s yet, I have 4 words for you – step your game up. Long story short, I met a girl named Caitlin who runs an invitation only vintage store in Connecticut and we came up with the idea of parnerting up to bring some of that fresh gear exclusively to EMPT. After many weeks of preperation, testing and all that nonsense I’m proud to announce the official opening of the EMPT Vintage store!

Everything in the store is vintage and extreme lengths have been taken to get our hands on some of those pieces. Our inventory will be in constant change and most pieces are one of one…

This particular watch be a one of one
That means none before it, none to come

The homie that’s rappin’ be the only one that has it

We’re very excited about this new addition to the site and hope that you can find some fresh gear to do damage in. This is just the beginning and the store will grow with more and more cool shit to offer in the coming months, enjoy.

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand (Fare Soldi Remix)

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