I typically don’t dive into the heavier side of electronic music but I’m absolutely blown away at how next level this VNCCII cut is. I covered her way back in 2017 and it seems like she took time off to recalibrate and develop a sound that’s just lightyears ahead of not only her old catalog but the competition in the bass scene too. Her newest is called “CITIZEN A.I” and it’s a fittingly futuristic banger that takes the urgency of shredding synths and kicks them into a dystopian overdrive. I also have to mention how insane the avatar that goes along with the music is – it’s like a replicant from Blade Runner went rogue and is ready to contribute some futuristic chaos.

I often find myself thinking about A.I and whether or not it will deserve to be “CITIZEN A.I”. I think we’re intelligent beings that didn’t just arrive here by chance, and if there’s some sort of external creation to our consciousness, then why would we deny artificial intelligence the right to coexist with us if we were to bestow it with the same avenues of thoughts and feelings? Personally, I think we’re accelerating toward A.I too quickly, though. We need to take a step back and dive deep into ourselves and regain an understanding of humanity that our ancestors before us possessed before we dive into giving the gift of consciousness to another being when we don’t even fully understand it ourselves. Regardless, it’s all exciting food for thought that keeps me inspired.

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