Jonas Rathsman -W4W (Women 4 Weapons)

I reside in a futuristic, utopian society (in space, natch) where all music is free and all artists have the financial freedom to pursue whatever their heart desires at all times. In this dream realm, torrents, RARs, and liking Facebook pages for songs do not exist. There is also a musical Brita, through which only the finset sounds are filtered for our aural pleasure. Should this pipe dream ever become a reality, French Express and their “knights templar” will be leading the charge for #freemusic.

Aside from pricing virtually all of their music at free99 (the pillar of modern music marketing/promotion), the music blog-turned-record label also consistently puts out some top notch tunes. The label’s influences range from all over the place (think acid house to 90s R&B), which is why the sounds coming from their Cloud are a pu pu platter of vibes.

It’s all got a strong, hearty backbone of House in it. And along with his label mates Chris MalinchakPerseus, and Moon BootsJonas Rathsman has been blessing our ears with some of the freshest sounding, old-fashioned House musique given a new school twist for the last year or so.

You’ve probably (hopefully) heard the Islandy smash hit “Tobago” by now, and Rathsman has not gone to sleep since then. Instead, he’s gone deep. And take it from someone who’s been listening to a ton of Deep House lately: Rathsman gets it in.

When done right, Deep House hits your core like a well-toned woman.  The bass penetrates your soul, and everything slows down as you find yourself in a sensual groove. Rathsman adds some curves to this groove, pushing his work further with abs synths of steel and tribal vocals. The end result: a murky and deep warmth.

In this dream land, women also control the weapons. And the only aggression is the throes of love.

Jonas Rathsman – W4W


Jonas Rathsman – Since I Don’t Have You