When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

As many of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time out in Cali lately. I’ve been linking up with a company out there called The Playlist Generation that selects music for all your favorite brands, restaurants, TV shows etc. That might sound familiar to you because it’s exactly what my company does. However, these dudes have years of experience and amazing taste  so for about a year I’ve been going back and forth with them about working together.

EMPT needs to go to the next level and you can’t win a championship by yourself and for once I’ve found some people that are really doing it in the music game. This is sure to lead to some very cool stuff for the army so stay tuned. In the meantime go grab some free.99 music at, they put all these tracks into playlists that you can put on for a cocktail party, by the beach or at a dance party. I just grabbed this post from there to give you a taste, enjoy…

When Saints Go Machine isn’t exactly on the radar yet in the United States but they’ve been heating up stages in Denmark since way back in 2007.

The four-piece group are childhood friends from the same neighborhood in Copenhagen and grew up practicing wildly different musical styles. Keyboardist Jonas Kenton and drummer Silas Moldenhawer are best acquainted with club and house music, working together on tech-house side project, Kenton Slash Demon. Meanwhile keyboardist Simon Muschinsky’s primary focus is blending jazz and neo-soul. Throw in vocalist Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild’s experience with electronic music and love for The Slits and you have a genre-bending group like no other. When Saints Go Machine are a group that sounds like few others today.

When Saints Go Machine started out playing fast-paced dance music but quickly shifted their focus to more accurately fit their influences. The easiest way to describe the band is to say that they sound like an electronic band with all of the emotion of a folk singer. Their sophomore album Konkylie sounds like if Fleet Foxes were given a Moog synthesizer, a vocoder and told to go wild. The 11-song album, two years in the making, is up-tempo industrial dream-pop at its very finest.”

When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

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