ZEKE BEATS – Devastate EP

I have a longstanding appreciation for heavy electronic music. Those roots in my music taste are easy to trace; I came up on metalcore and deathcore with bands like Float Face Down, Lorna Shore, and the like. I’ve always been a sucker for breakdowns in particular – there’s no experience like feeling the bass from a moshpit initiator buzzing through your body from head to toe (there’s also nothing quite like being punched in the face and blacking out during said moshpit).

The title track on ZEKE Beats’ Devastate EP gives me that same visceral thrill. It’s a thunderous piece of work that’s better suited for headbangers and hardcore dancers than it is for a dancefloor. That notion runs through the entirety of the record as piercing synths and apocalyptic wobbles seep from its every pore. Go ahead and turn up the low-end on your speakers and rock Devastate on repeat.

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