Baby Huey – Hard Times

Best song from his Curtis Mayfield produced LP, “The Baby Huey Story: Living Legend.” I’m pretty sure this song is about a heroin addiction:

So many hard times/ Sleepin’ on motel floors, knocking on my brothers door/ Eatin’ spam and Oreos and drinkin’ Thunderbird baby…”

Most of the lyrics have a very dark, morbid and reflective overtone. The lead singer, Melvin “Deacon” Jones, died at age 26, you get the sense your dealing with someone well aware of his fate as you listen. High quality music.

“I’m a party house I’m afraid to come outside. Although I’m filled with love I’m afraid they’ll hurt my pride. So I play the part I feel they want of me, and I pull the shade so I won’t see them seeing me.

Baby Huey – Hard Times