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Feist – Sea Lion Woman (Chromeo Remix)

I was watching Nina Simone perform See-Line on YouTube and got reminded of a great cover by Feist, which it turn reminded me of an even better remix by Chromeo.

Said she loved my necklace – started relaxing, now that’s what the f&% I call a chain reaction.” – Iceberg Slim

No one does electrofunk better than Chromeo, period. For this remix, Chromeo lends it’s army of Moog, Roland and Sequential Circuit keyboards to give an otherwise good but simple song some extremely interesting and head-nodding space age production. The Feist version is from her third solo album The Reminder, and the Chromeo remix is a bonus track on that album.  I like The Reminder but compared to her previous album Let It Die, there’s just not much difference so I’ve never gotten into it. Besides that the whole iPod Nano commercial kinda ruined it for me but I’m weird when it comes to commercial licensing. Regardless, great remix, enjoy.

Feist – Sea Lion Woman


Feist – Sealion (Chromeo Remix)