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Island Life

And were back… I spent a very long weekend out in Nantucket hanging out in beaches and picnicking in pastures, so let’s just I’m not exactly thrilled about returning to the concrete jungle but so it goes. I’ve vowed to spend the entire summer next year far away from New York City so I’m posting a song which pretty much explains how I feel in when I’m on island and doing it my way…

One time super model, actress and Andy Warhol muse, one can help but wonder when or how Grace Jones ever found the time to actually be a recording artist. Yet she did, and she did it well. La Vie En Rose is one of my favorite songs of all time. It is overwhelmingly romantic, glamorous and dreamy. The album it appears on is called Island Life, a title which couldn’t be more appropriate for this song. The track is an instrumental till about 2 minutes into the song, a rare and risky production decision that couldn’t be more fitting. Enjoy.

Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose