Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Most of you will recognize this song as the sample for Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It; while I think the Tribe song is an creative and energetic reinvention, it’s pale in comparison to the quaint and haunting original. Take A Walk On The Wild Side was the surprise hit single from Lou Reed’s solo debut Transformer, and was produced by David Bowie, a big fan of Reed. In typical Velvet fashion, the songs lyrics are as unorthodoxed and elcletic as they come; covering topics like drugs, oral sex, race, male prostitutes and transexuality. As a member of The Velvets, Reed was very involved with Andy Warhol and the debauchery that came a long with it. In fact, some of the characters referred to in this song  are Andy’s “superstars.” With lyrical content so trite these days if find myself caught up in the more psychedelic and creative eras of music. For those of you who don’t listen to lyrics worry not, the songs quirky and infectious bass line is usually what lures most in.

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wildside

There are two bass sounds happening at once, a double-bass and a fretless bass guitar. Secondly, the musicians are playing a major tenth interval, a quirky and unusual decision at the time, enjoy.

New York City is the place where they said hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.”