SoKo – I’ll Kill Her

You ever think about the people that get to date your ex’s? Doesn’t it piss you off that some random loser gets to benefit from all your time and hard work? We’ve all dated people who are completely crazy but because you care about them you stick around and help them in whatever way. That’s just the personality side of things, what about all the sexual stuff?!

When it comes to love I don’t lie & the girls respect me for it…”

Most guys will do or say anything just to get in a girls pants. Somewhere along the line corny dudes (and girls) confused this poor excuse for seduction as game. The way I see it, if she’s acting like a bitch tell her, if she’s not being sexy enough or not going down right, find a nice way to tell her but tell her. It’s not that simple but I can’t just give you all my secrets, I mean…

What the f*&k you want for free?”

Yeah there’s a little conflict but sometimes that’s what you need to make things better. Yeah you could go along being all fake but your sex life wont reach its potential and you won’t be improving your partner or yourself, and if your not making things better what are you doing?

Ok so you deal with all that and guess who benefits from all this work once you break up?  That’s right the guy/girl after. Ain’t that a bitch!  That’s why I consider my honesty with girls a contribution to society.  The few of us who are actually honest with girls are the ones that make it better for all the other jerk offs who don’t have the balls to do so.  I’m gonna start charging a fee for this shit! Anyways, for some undeserving jerk off to come along and benefit from that type of work pisses me off, which brings me to the point of this post, SoKo’s I’ll Kill Her.

This song is about that guy or girl, the one that gets your lover after all your hard work. I’ve always been a fan of the alternative love songs simply because I think they’re more in tune with the realities of love. Anyways this song is funny, SoKo goes on and on about how this girl ruined her dreams and hypothetically prevented a potentially amazing relationship. I’ve ranted enough so here’s the song, enjoy.

SoKu – I’ll Kill Her