M83 – We Own The Sky

Before I get into todays regularly scheduled programming, I thought I’d take a moment to thank all of you for reading E.M.P.T!

You could have been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me. I appreciate that.”

To everyone that’s emailed me with those kind words you really make it all worthwhile, all the people from HypeM &, you make us pop! This blog has grown to something much bigger then I ever could have anticipated and you guys make it possible. As you’ve probably come to realize, I have no reservations about telling you how I feel, and I also believe in giving people flowers while they can still smell them so in the words of 2 Pac – “You are appreciated.” Let’s keep rocking.

With that said, I’m E.P.M.D. back to business! I had a meeting last night with the founders of and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to build with fellow young entrepreneurs.

We got now, we don’t care who got next.” – Iceberg Slim

Pretty much the only idol I have is Quincy Jones, and while being a bad ass musician himself, Quincy understood the power of bringing the best of the best together to create a freak of nature product that no one man could have ever achieved. I mean Thriller, the real blueprint, is the biggest selling record of all time and it was all because of the teamwork and sense of unity Quincy was able to create as a producer. That album came to be because a lot of extremely talented and successful individuals came together to create one product and make it the best they could. All those people would have been just fine on their own, believe me, Quincy wasn’t in dire need of working with Michael and Eddie Van Halen was doing better then ok before going in and setting the speakers on fire for the Beat It solo. What I’m saying is, all the young people need to get this going, make our mark and contribute, it’s our turn… I’m posting this M83 song for two reasons. One, it’s amazing and two, we own the fu&#ing sky! Let’s get it.

M83 – We Own The Sky