Jack Penate – So Near

I’ve been dealing with a few people who suffer from severe levels of selfishness and insecurity lately and it’s starting to be discouraging. It’s like no matter what you do, how much love, how much loyalty or honesty you show these people can’t stop hesitating and questioning things. In fact, they actually take these things and turn them into negative. Welcome to 7th grade. My friends say you should learn to work with these people for the sake of productivity but I’m not sure if you can create anything meaningful or win like that. I mean how great is Terrell Owens at what he does and how many teams have won super bowls with him? The answer is zero.

What’s a body when there’s fear of love man, we’re so near. – Jack Penate

Anyways, I have my iTunes alarm wake me up and this song was playing and as I sat there listening to the lyrics I realized just how great a song it is. It’s just another one of those songs that captures a great energy and represents those moments in life when you feel good and things are looking up. I’m 25 and like most of my friends I feel like I’m at that coming of age point where you start realizing what the important things in life are and how insignificant a lot of other things are. The point we’re you’re done dealing with nonsense and understand you don’t have to deal with the crap to get things done. In other words, no fear. It’s also the point where you start to lose your patience for people who don’t understand that because it’s time to make our mark in the world and that doesn’t leave much time for helping people grow up, at least not people that don’t care about growing up and embrace the bad qualities they have instead of trying to fix them. Love is love, to get it you have to give it and that’s the only way it works, this is a great feeling song for a Monday morning, we’re almost there baby! Enjoy.

We’re so near.”

Jack Penate – So Near